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A few years back when I was working for a sea lab on the gulf coast, the director of the program prepared a fabulous meal for one of my friends and me. Fresh seafood ... shrimp, scallops and this incredible fish which I'd never heard of before. He said it was called a ling, but that it also is known by several other names: cobia, lemon fish, and one other name which justifies its submission to alt.tasteless. Bear in mind, this story came to me as I was scarfing down on its subject.

Apparently, this guy and several of the other lab employees had done a little sport fishing when they'd been out on the research vessel earlier in the day. They had dragged their bait around for ages, but no one was catching a damned thing. Well, they'd been out long enough for one of the crew, a large, hairy Cajun guy named Jimbeau to decide it was time to rid himself of a monster grogan he'd been working on for several hours.

Since the vessel had no "facilities" the obvious technique was to hang his ass over the stern and unload directly into the water. No problem.

So, Jimbeau does his thing, and everybody goes on fishing ... but not for long. Jimbeau's ass is barely back in the boat when, "Zeeeeeeeeeeeeee" the director's got a strike! He works it up alongside the boat, they gaff it and drag it onto the deck. A nice, big (you guessed it) ling. Well, there they all are, standing around admiring it when they start to notice this smell -- a sort of hot, spicy, shitty smell. And while they're all trying to figure out which one of them had floated a Cajun air biscuit, the fish does a big flop and out pops the real bait ... still steaming. It seemed Jimbeau's grogan had found a way home.

I was led to believe the very fish we were eating was the one Jimbeau had helped to catch. Nice. A little spicy, but was really quite good. I've developed quite a taste for Cajun food since then. I wonder if that's where it began.

Oh, I almost forgot; the other name for the ling-cobia-lemon-fish is "Turd Burgerler". It seems they have quite a taste for the stuff. Those in the know say the ling is really quite difficult to catch. You see, the fish are very picky eaters and, so far, no one has come up with a reliable technique for getting the grogan to stay on the hook. No doubt, some of you have good suggestions.

Bon apetite!

credit given to original author if known

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