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Honest to god I have seen that crap with the cow happen (the uterus turning inside out) and it has got to be some of the sickest crap a cow is capable of doing, after awhile the flies start munching on it but I'm straying from my story, you asked for it so here's my two cents worth.

Ever since I was born I have been the son of a butcher in a small town in Northeast Texas, I moved to the farm when I was in second grade and by that time I had already developed the sick twisted imagination that only a mortician or butcher could possible think of. My pre-school teacher still comes up to me and reminds me of the stories I used to tell her and my friends, after school I would go up to my fathers plant and out of sheer boredom sit on the kill floor on a mess bucket turned upside down watching the whole process.

The cow (victim) would be run into a chute about 7 feet long by 4 feet wide and sit there until the hispanic guy would walk up the stairs put a .22 to the cows forehead and pop off a round or two depending on the size of the cow. Sometimes the cow will fall to the cold cement floor immediatly other times in rare cases the cow will be too large for the .22 to work and other methods of death are called upon.

Some large bulls have such large thick heads the round will not penetrate the skull and so they are left standing while some parts of their brain may be damaged, when the metal door is opened to roll them down the ramp the bull in a fit of mental retardation springs to life and ransacks the killfloor (that's when a .45 comes in handy).

The cow falls to the floor in a puddle of steaming blood, with the look of, "what the fuck just happened" still left in it's eyes.

The beast is lifted via hoist and chain until vertical (still kicking from the twitching og the nerves)where the throat is slit from chest to chin spilling the blood into a catchbucket below. The removal of the epidermis takes place next, which is cool to watch because the skin just comes off in a sheet and the butcher must be very careful with it (it's sold so you can have leather interior in your cars ;-) ) and is followed by the removal of the genitalia with a quick slip of the knife.

The cow is laid down, the hooves, and head are removed and the sternum is split revealing the interior of the cows body the stench is somewhere between cow sweat, shit, piss, blood, gun powder, and you name it, it's horrible.

The smell alone is enough to knock you back. The head is hung on a rack and the brains and boogers within it are removed via a highpressure hose through the bullet hole and spinal cord hole in the back of the cranium. The hooves are thrown in with the blood in the catch bucket and the rest of the torso is cut open. At this point the cow is hoisted back up vertical and the guts are ripped out of the cows inside into an awaiting dolly where upon contact with the dolly after the fall they explode open in a splatter of everything from water and freshly eaten grass to finely ground shit and bile, now that's delicious.

The cow is steaming from the cool air entering it's body where all of it's intestines and guts used to be. However nothing remains of the cow except for a mass of muscle and bones, all the other unneccesary items have been extricated. As a final process before entering the cooler the cow is washed and divided from ass to neck with a large saw directly down the backbone.

The whole process takes about an hour, so next time you sit down to a fat juicy steak remember the blood and sweat required to take that cow from munching on grass to putting that steak on your plate. ;-)


credit given to original author if known

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