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I've been pondering this concept for some time now, and I think it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

Have you ever considered that the most marvelous trait of a cunt is that it's a hole? That means that a cunt has no mass. A cunt is pure space.

Consider now the choad. Erect and ready to rock and roll, the choad has mass and *occupies* space.

So if we consider the existence of ChoadSpace, we have to conclude that ChoadSpace only exists where a choad exists. In terms of pure space, if a choad isn't filling the space, it ain't ChoadSpace. This means that ChoadSpace is imaginary. (We're using math concepts here, folks.)

Now consider the existence of CuntSpace. Since a cunt is pure space, CuntSpace exists wherever a cunt has been. Since space and CuntSpace can co-exist peacefully and compatibly, CuntSpace is real.

So CuntSpace exists wherever a cunt has been because a cunt is comprised of space. However, ChoadSpace exists only where a choad exists because a choad has mass, and is not made of pure space.

Now this little philosophical discovery has little impact on femmes in general, but has a positively phenomenal effect on the world's supply of choad-carriers.

In order for a cunt to gain the benefits of a choad, the choad must be inserted into the cunt. This is because the choad has mass, so must be present. Obversely, since a cunt is pure space, a choad can take advantage of a cunt simply if it has *previously* occupied the space the choad is currently in. If the cunt's been there, the choad can invade the space the cunt formerly occupied, and since a cunt is pure space, the choad is *effectively* in that cunt! Halle-fuckin-leuheah!!!

Guys! You wanna fuck that redhead? Just figure out where her cunt's been and go for it! Just align your choad with her cuntspace and grunt and groan and poke for all you're worth, cuz you're in *her* CuntSpace!!! Wanna fuck that gorgeous movie star? Just figure out where her cunt's been, and prang away!!!

And think about when you're driving down the street. Jeezus! Have you any *idea* of how many CuntSpaces you're invading as you drive down the street? Man, you get your car positioned right as you go down the street, and you've got so fucking much CuntSpace surrounding your dong that you should have a fucking orgasm every 20 feet or so!

The CuntSpace is there, YOU JUST HAVE TO USE IT! And freeways!!! GAWDALMIGHTY!!! Hundreds of thousands, even *millions* of cunts have contributed to the CuntSpace your choad is cruising! We're talkin' cunt NIRVANA here, I'm tellin' ya!!! Stick your nose down there as you you smell it? YEAH!!! Fucking PUSSY!!!! CuntSpace is EVERYWHERE--just stick your dick in it!!!

And for all you jealous women, the only advice I can offer is to go grab some dude and make sure your cunt intersects his ChoadSpace--your cunt may not quite get the thrill his choad gets in CuntSpace, but it's better than nothing.

And for all you dudes, may your choad cruise the best of all possible

Fags please note: AssSpace works exactly like CuntSpace, so enjoy!!!

-- Mr. Crank

credit given to original author if known

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