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She's An American Bad Ass.


PREVIOUSLY ON EHOWA: "Yesterday morning a friend of mine shipped out for a year's deployment in Iraq. She is a 24 year old medic ...Her unit will be assigned to a forward command post near Tikrit, Iraq, which if any of you read the newspapers know is Saddam's hometown and one of the last bastions for his supporters. We lose soldiers there almost every week...I don't fear so much for her physical safety; I think the times of this war when a combat medic will have to routinely race into enemy fire to rescue a wounded comrade have faded away. No, I think by the time a medic will be called under today's circumstances, it will be to try to save the life of some other poor bastard who's fallen victim to a sniper attack, RPG assault, or homemade bomb explosion. Sometimes she'll succeed, and sometimes, well, she won't. I fear more for any emotional scars she may carry back home with her, than any physical ones."

To: Ernie
From: Ernie's Female Medic Friend
Subject: Got some bad guys!!!
So tonight we had a bit of excitement! Good excitement because no soldiers got hurt...but some Iraqi's got "FUCKED UP!"
Here I am at about 10:30 tonight-7 1/2 hours ago getting ready to go into work at 11. All of a sudden we hear BOOM! Mortar on the base. Then we hear a crap load of firing...including the Ma Duece (50 Caliber Machine gun...ours).
I run up to the front of the clinic (where I live) and the base operations center called and said we have 3 insurgents coming in our clinic for medical care. All of them are urgent patients (which is bad). About 20 minutes later the medics who were at the site truck in our 3 bad guys. I am not going to go all through there injuries...but mine was the worst. Lets just say I got to do my first needle decompression (where you jab a needle into the chest to get air released that is trapped between the lung and the lung wall).
Then I look at his hand and he has an obvious gun shot wound to his palm...all of his fingers were crooked because of fractures. My buddy NAMEDELETED (another medic) was about to give him morphine and I told him to wait... Then the jerk starts rattling in English "please ma'am, morphine" I turned to him and said "you speak freakin English? You sorry SOB." I again told NAMEDELETED, "No, no morphine yet" and I proceeded to straighten out all of his broken fingers HA HA!!! I know, its mean but these guys were trying to hurt us Americans, so fuck em.
Long story short...they went to the combat support hospital where they will receive surgeries for their wounds and then get interrogated to see if we can get stuff out of them. Turns out that the 3 guys (using the term lightly of course) were laying down fire so the other 2 (whom we killed) could fire mortars into our base.
So...yeah...the US military wins again!!! WOOOHOOO!
I just got off the phone with one of the patient admin girls there at the hospital and she told me she talked to an interpretor and he told her that one of those guys keeps chanting "Praise Allah, I am so proud of what we did, American's are evil-they are the true insurgents" HA, funny thing is WHAT DID THEY DO? They sure in heck didn't get a chance to fire those mortars at us before our guys shot them the fuck up!
These guys are indeed the enemy. And boy are they stupid.
Also, funny thing that she told me happened. They started to do surgery on one of them (who was also on a respirator) and the generator at the hospital went out HA HA HA!!!!!
Hey guess what...55 more days til I go home :-) xo's

So let's take a look at some of our guy's handiwork, shall we? First off, an auction. Anyone want to buy a slightly used yellow car? It's got about 80,000 miles, manual transmission, red interior, and will need a little work including a new front and rear windshields, and a good scrubbing.

Here I believe we have wounded insurgent guy number one, whom I have dubbed Johnny Ring-Around-The-Collar. Dude, wash that shirt before you go out and attack in public, will you?

Next up for your viewing pleasure is Johnny Red Cheeks. I tried to read what's on his t-shirt but I can't make it out (perhaps "I attacked American soldiers and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"?) so who knows.

Now we come to one of my favorites. I ask that you revisit this picture and notice that bullet hole in the rear door. I've come to know this young man who was sitting in the back as as Johnny Three Knees, for obvious reasons. Man that looks like that hurts. Here, let's take a closer look! Looks like someone's soccer career is over.

And finally, we have one of the two young chaps who tried to fire mortar rounds. Obviously attacking our troops is very exhausting work, because thing little fella had to lay down and take a quick nap. A dirt nap. Hey it's never too late to stop and smell the roses. or perhaps, lay back and stare at the stars! Hey buddy, mind if I pick your brain about something? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now some of you might be a little upset at my lackadaisical attitude towards the violent deaths these men suffered, or perhaps put off by the straightening of Johnny five crooked fingers. And well first off, I really don't give a fuck. But alas, I will engage your concerns for just a minute. It's as simple as this. These guys, who suddenly spoke good Engligh when it was convient for them to ask for something, didn't approach this beautiful young woman with flowers and chocolates or ask her to the movies. They approached her with these things and they wanted to kill her. So like she said, fuck them and their crooked fingers.

She's an... American Bad Ass. Watch her kick. You can roll with rock, or you can suck her dick. She's a porno flick, She's like amazing grace. She's gonna fuck some Joe's after she rock that place.

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