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Ernie's House of Whoop Ass!
May 6, 2016

One Of My Friends Has A Birthday Today, But Fuck All if I Can Remember Who.

Milk-Bone is a brand of dog biscuit. It was created in 1908 by the F. H. Bennett Biscuit Company, which operated a bakery on the Lower East Side of New York City. Originally named Maltoid, the biscuit was a bone-shaped treat made from minerals, meat products, and milk. Sometime between 1915 and 1926, the biscuit was simply named "Milk-Bone", owing to the high composition of cow's milk. In 1931, the bakery was acquired by the National Biscuit Company (now Nabisco). Over the next few decades, the Milk-Bone was expanded to include a number of different flavors, such as chicken and beef. The marketing focus was also shifted from Milk-Bone being merely a dog treat to a product that promoted cleaner teeth and better breath.

Wicker is not actually a material, but a method of weaving. Traditionally, natural plant materials were used to manufacture a variety of different products including baskets, trays, indoor and outdoor furniture. Wicker was originally made from natural fibers, such as rattan, a vine like plant. Rattan is somewhat elastic and often used to produce baskets, hampers and chairs. The branch-like material is woven together for the purpose of constructing various wicker items. Resin wicker is a similar looking material. Synthetic polyethylene fiber resin wicker is generally durable, resistant to the sun's UV radiation and water. Resin wicker is often used over an aluminum frame to create lightweight outdoor furniture.

So here was a very frustrating almost-challenge. Aside from a stunning set of tits, there is absolutely nothing remarkable about this photograph. I can't identify the arched builing in the background. I can't quite make out the brand on top of the drink cooler (bu-something?). The flowered handbang is very ordinary. The sign on the pillar has the colors of the Brazilian flag. Blue sarong. But that's it. Absolutely nothing of note. So instead, I'm going to issue three other quick challenges. Does anyone recognize this airport from the control tower? Can anyone identify what this blurred poster is for? And finally, given the left hand drive, can you identify the make and model of this European car?

Old and busted: Arnold Schwarzenegger undercover as Howard the gym worker. The new hotness: Lebron James undercover as Ron the pizza worker.

FRIDAY FLICK: "I had a grandfather who wanted to be a Navy man. He wanted to fire them big guns off them big-ass battleships. Navy says to him "No. You can only do one thing on a battleship, son. That's cook." And I'm not talking about a hundred years ago. I'm talking United States Navy, middle of World War II. You know the reason they gave him? The reason why they told my grandfather he couldn't fight for his country? 'Cause negroes can't see at night. Bad night vision.' So you see, O'Neil. I know where you're coming from. 'Cause to them, you're just the new nigger on the block, that's all. Maybe you just moved in a little too early."

22lr 22mag 9mm 223/5.56 7.62x39mm 45acp 40s&w 380acp 38special 357mag 308/7.62 7.62x54r 5.45x39mm 300blk 17wsm

May 5, 2016

Do Not Send Me That Sinko De Mayo Joke. I Fucking Hate That Joke..

In this heartwarming video from Scotland, Maria Maciocia reunites with her dog Sandy, after being away from him for seven months.

As is known from previous studies by the University of Jena, caffeine protects the hair roots from testosterone attacks and provides them with the necessary growth energy. Although shampoos were used exclusively to cleanse scalp and hair in the past, Dr. Kurt Wolff-Research has now succeeded in developing a method for transporting caffeine all the way to the hair roots based on a shampoo formula. It has even been proven to slow down hereditary hair loss. Now you can bring this unique active ingredient to your hair roots during normal hair washing – with Alpecin, Germany's first caffeine shampoo.

Adjacent to Cuba, the Dominican Republic is on an island that shares a similar climate and rich soil conditions which enable the growth of tobacco of the finest quality. The tobacco leaves are lighter in body than their Cuban counterparts, but have a complexity of flavours and held in high esteem by many and enjoyed by connoisseurs everywhere. Born in Cuba, the fine tradition of Santa Damiana cigars continues today, producing a medium-bodied cigar known for its smooth, satisfying taste.

Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. It is the third largest retailer in the world measured by profits and second-largest retailer in the world measured by revenues. It has stores in twelve countries across Asia and Europe and is the grocery market leader in the UK -- where it has a market share of around 28% -- Ireland, Hungary, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Interior plants offer businesses a simultaneously natural and beautiful addition to the interior while benefiting the overall well-being of employees. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors. By incorporating plant life into the design of your space, your staff will be able to enjoy nature's beauty and the many physical and psychological benefits of office plants.

Old and busted: What's the box. The new hotness: What's in the can?

Ernie, the public fountain in question is located in Washington Square Park, or as I call it, "my front yard". Say, I was just thinking, have I been reading EHOWA for over 30 years now? Exactly when did this madness begin? Best regards, - Charlie

Hey, Ernie, this fountain is in Washington Square Park at West 4th Street in NYC. There is no street view inside the park, but here is a google user shot of the fountain. Love the site, keep up the good work ! ~> rIch M (from Long Island, NY)

Good Morning Ernie. I will take a SWAG ( Scientific Wild Ass Guess ) at where this fountain is. The lovely ladies sharing their perky C cups appear to be at the fountain at Washington Square Park in Manhattan. Here is a street view. Take care Eric

Seems more like 500 years, doesn't it? Let's see, the main domain -- -- started in 1997, and I was running the joke list from TIAC.NET for at least two years before that. So shit, 21 years now? Time flies when you're making dick jokes and talking about boobs.

Crystal Houses are almost completely transparent, thanks to novel construction elements like a clear adhesive that does the work of opaque mortar, and bricks made out of solid glass. The resultant structure fits onto an existing traditional building, but in the future there could be entire buildings made using the Crystal House techniques.

May 4, 2016

This Is What You Get When You Keep Choosing The Lesser Of Two Evils.

Somehow, this seems relevant.

Did you know that in the state of California, a disabled person or disabled veteran displaying special license plates issued under Section 5007 or a distinguishing placard issued under Section 22511.5 is allowed to park for unlimited periods in any of the following zones: any restricted zone or on streets upon which preferential parking privileges and height limits have been given, any parking zone that is restricted as to the length of time parking, or any metered parking space without being required to pay parking meter fees.

FUNNY: a fan tweeting to poop in Emily Blunt's mouth. NOT FUNNY: a fan tweeting for sportswriter Sarah Spain to get raped again. Look behind you bro, that's the line.

Throughout the 20th century red-and-white checked tablecloths in restaurants sent clear messages to patrons: this restaurant is inexpensive, friendly, and unpretentious. Whether ethnic or “American” they suggested that the customer was in a homey place, either authentically old fashioned or old world. The fabric itself dates far back into the 19th century. Already by 1900 tablecloths were seen as old fashioned. But unlike other material culture of restaurant-ing, the meanings of the red-and-white tablecloths were created as much by fundraising events and celebrations sponsored by churches, clubs, and schools as they were by restaurants.

Behold, the greatest birth announcement evar. Assuming of course, you're giving birth to Damien.

The Carolina Hurricanes are an American professional ice hockey team based in Raleigh, North Carolina, that competes in the National Hockey League (NHL). The Hurricanes are a member club of the league's Metropolitan Division in the Eastern Conference, and Hurricanes play their home games at the 18,680-seat PNC Arena. The Carolina Hurricanes are the only major league professional sports team in North Carolina to play in Raleigh; the state's other two major franchises, the NFL's Carolina Panthers and the NBA's Charlotte Hornets, are based in Charlotte.

Ernie, here's a challenge for everyone! Thought you might use this, pretty easy though. John

Good Afternoon Ernie. From one BB fan to another, I thought you would dig this. Eric R

The guys over at Guns America have put together this list of five guns to buy before the 2016 election: Hillary Clinton Edition. Meanwhile, expect ammo/gun prices to steadily climb through November while we find out who our next master is. Meanwhile,

So whatcha got on your bathroom sink? Oh nothing. Just hair conditioner. Shampoo. Body wash. Dildo. Toothbrush. Wait, what was that one? What, toothbrush? No, the one before that.

May 3, 2016

Today Is Tuesday. And Yes It Shall Be Tasteless.

During the day today, I needed to swing past the drive-thru at my bank. I got there to find long lines, and resigned myself to spending a bit of time there. An inveterate people watcher, I began to inspect the cars around me for someone 'interesting' to watch. A quick scan of my neighbors found no attractive women to fantasize about. Damn. Better settle for weird. I looked to the car on my right, and lo, paydirt. The late-model Cherokee held three occupants, but, from the look of it, those three shared the intellectual capacity of perhaps one and a half. It appeared to be a mother with her two boys, out for a little excursion.

Mom wore the cares and sorrows of a woman twice her age in her wrinkled and frowning face. She gazed off into the sky, paying little attention to her two charges. Her eyes, in particular, were sad and worn looking. I wondered if she knew whether it was her defective genes, or hubby's that resulted in the outpouring of birth from her loins. Just wondering who to blame, you know. Anyway, imagine her pride on Mother's Day! There were hints of an emerging trailer park queen about her, but she hadn't quite evolved to that point. She was woefully under the necessary heft and girth, and she had not yet graduated to a thrift-shop wardrobe. I am confident, however, that with a little focused effort, she could become a candidate for the Springer show within a year, two at most.

But, I digress. The stars of the show were clearly the boys. Both mongoloid, the one in the front seat looked much brighter than his brother, who sat behind mom. They both wore caps, and with a little neck craning, I could see that the hats bore their names in white iron-on letters. Perhaps they were souvenirs from a trip to a local fair, or, possibly part of mom's management strategy, in case she lost them at the mall. The one in the front seat was labeled "KENNY". His face narrower, his features less round, able to keep his mouth halfway closed, he appeared to be a higher functioning lad. He wore glasses, which lent a dignified and intellectual air to his countenance. He reminded me somewhat of the boy that played in that "heartwarming" family TV show a few years back, except he wasn't quite as bright looking. I can't recall the name of the show, but I'm sure someone will. His brother, "TIMMY", looked as though he had been much more seriously shortchanged in the genetic material department. Timmy had the broad round face, vacant eyes and drooling open mouth of a true mongoloid. Less animated than Kenny, and slouching against the restraint of his shoulder belt, Timmy was clearly befuddled by most of what was around him.

As I stared over at him, little Timmy slowly turned toward me. I'm not sure what motivated him, I'd like to think he was aware of my boredom, and sick need for entertainment (maybe I mean "need for sick entertainment"), but truthfully, I think that's unlikely. At any rate, lil' Timmy fixed me in his baleful stare, and without any discernible movement, proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach on the inside of the window. He sat calmly while a yellowish, mostly liquid, stream of vomit gushed forth in potent waves, splashing off the window, back onto his shoulder and face. Kenny was the first to notice, and he began what appeared to be agitated laughing. Mom spun around to help but there was little to be done.

I was curious what mom was going to do. Would she pull out of line and deal with the mess, or let Timmy sit tight until she could conduct her business, then exit the line more gracefully. I watched as she barked out some orders to Kenny, and he obediently exited the car, opened the rear passenger door, climbed in, and began swabbing the puke off of his brother's face and clothes with Kleenex. Of course, we all know that Kleenex are hardly the appropriate product to use in such a situation. As soon as the wet barf soaked the tissue, and reached his hands, his laughter and glee with the whole situation faded. He began to show his distaste, as his mom pulled wad after wad of Kleenex and thrust them into to his increasingly unwilling hands. Eventually the sights, smells and stimulus must have become to much for Kenny, because in mid-swab, he opened his eyes and mouth wide, and, lurching forward, he donated his lunch to Timmy. He caught Timmy on the shoulder and back with his first heave. Having completed his humanitarian gesture, of sharing, he disappeared below my field of vision. Kenny's vomit was not as runny, so the chunks stayed put on Timmy. Decorated twice, Timmy looked just ducky by this time.

I was nearly doubled over my steering wheel at the antics going on next to me. I was waiting for mom to turn around and blow chunks on Timmy, if for no other reason than to make it a true "family affair". Sadly, I suspect her charmed life of living with Kenny and Timmy had given her a strong stomach for such things. Unfortunately, my line moved forward at this point, and I was unable to keep a close watch on them any more. I was nearly unable to compose myself to deal with the teller, but managed to choke back the laughter enough to get through. After completing my transaction I pulled away from the bank, but not without glancing into my rear view mirror to bid a fond farewell to Kenny, Timmy and mom. They made my day. I hope they made yours as well. -- the old bastard

Ernie, Your Japaneasy cabana girl is standing at the bar in the Mirage pool area in Las Vegas Nevada. See google earth rendering. Cheers, Ron

Hey Ernie, The pool cabana is at the Bare Intimate Pool, Las Vegas. The Tower in the background is part of Caesar's Palace, so I first thought they were at Venus Pool Club, But the foreground didn't match up. I looked on the other side, and there was the Mirages's Bare Top Optional Pool Lounge. Keep 'em coming, Tim

Ernie: Caesars Palace was pretty easy to recognize - the question was which one the Caesars Towers is it. And then, of course, where was there a pool oriented such that Caesars tower would be where it is in the picture. After spending too much time, and making the rookie mistake of ignoring her being topless, the only thing that makes sense to me is the pool in this link. The fact that the pool is named "BARE" and is topless optional makes me hope it's the right place. Martov

So here is an honest to goodness photo challenge. I picked this photo, and hell if I can find the original gallery again, because I was hoping other photos from the set yield might enough clues to track down what marina/hotel she's staying at. But I'm shit out of luck, so I dunno.

Sure, you're happy with your car now, but what about after the inevitable collapse of civilization? For one thing, you're gonna have a hard time finding gas for it once that happens -- you already know that if you saw Mad Max -- and that's really only one of your problems. With Immortus, you'll be cruising the post-apocalyptic landscape looking for food and escaping packs of cannibal mutants with only the power of the sun keeping the engine revving.

Established in 1564, Svijany Brewery is one of the oldest Czech breweries. The first mention of Svijany dates from 1345, when the village was owned by a Cistercian monastery located in Mnichovo Hradiste. In 1565 the village became the property of Jaroslav of Vartemberk, who built a fortress there, but the brewery was already operating by 1564, and it continued to operate to the benefit of Jaroslav's estate. Upon Jaroslav's death in 1602, the village, fortress, and brewery all passed to Jachym Ondrej Slik. As a rebel against Habsburg rule of Bohemia, he was executed in 1621, and Svijany came under control of the Wallenstein family through 1814. In 1820, Svijany passed to control of the Rohan family. In 1945 the brewery was confiscated and nationalized as part of the state-owned North Bohemian Breweries, which was dissolved in 1990, at which point Svijany became part of the state-owned Breweries of Vratislavice nad Nisou. Later threatened with closure due to a sales crisis, Svijany was sold to the newly established Pivovar Svijany in 1998. is the coolest webcam site on the web. definitely NSFW.

April 30, 2016

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here.

your weekend boob dump: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - twelve - thirteen

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

One Of My Friends Has A Birthday Today, But F...

Do Not Send Me That Sinko De Mayo Joke. I Fuc...

This Is What You Get When You Keep Choosing T...

Today Is Tuesday. And Yes It Shall Be Tastele...

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