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Ernie's House of Whoop Ass!
September 24, 2016

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here.

when i was scared, my gun-owning neighbors helped me feel safe

someone call a proctologist because ben shapiro just tore black lives matter a new asshole

20 camping hacks that'll make you look like an outdoor genius. i'll admit the soap peeler was a new one to me.

Craziest Rooftopper Girl In The World
Slovakian Police do not fuck around
The armored vehicle BRDM-2 that received the second life
everyones loves a good bedtime story
Sailor claims Navy revoked security clearance after she disrespected flag
whole day i am busy
Surfing @ 1000 Frames Per Second
New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier (great for safes) - $14.97
Water and a sandwich: An East Texas man's push to help
George Washington at the 2016 Presidential Debate

the modern day equivilent to "let your fingers do the walking" check walmart's ammunition stock right from home

How to Get Your New Shooter Diploma
you want torque? he's got torque.
australian female soldier on m2 .50 cal
countach restoration and testing
1 year old Peanut was adopted after spending 12 days in a kill shelter.
Moms, where's the weirdest place you've ever pumped breastmilk?
USS Iowa coasting into drydock
Dog Surfs With Child Who's Unable To Breathe On Her Own
how to drop like a boss
Giant wearable cat heads are now on sale and they are realistically creepy

your weekend boob dump: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - twelve - thirteen - fourteen

now these are perfect tits
young blonde at nudist beach
bend don't break
Molly Playing Some Tennis Naked and Zuzana Reading in Bed with Nothing On
Jennifer Ann
Ryan Newman Slips a Nipple Out
Curvy Polish Babe Zuzanna Miros!
Our favorite milf in social media Kelli Liontou
African Sex Rituals
My Free Cams is running weekend specials!

September 23, 2016

America Isn't A Melting Pot Anymore. We Just Stand Around And Complain About Cultural Misappropriation.

Old and busted: stunt pilot is nearly decapitated on the runway, as the wing of a plane taking off slices through his cockpit roof. The new hotness: stunt pilot nearly decapitates other stunt pilot sitting on the runway as the wing of a plane taking off slices through his cockpit roof.

In Tulsa, the populace didn't buy into the initial narrative and instead chose to wait until a preliminary investigation was completed. Rumors were disproved, new aspects brought to light, and in the end an officer is being held accountable for her actions. She will now be put on trial and judged by a jury of her peers. Meanwhile in Charlotte, a different narrative unfolded; "unarmed disabled man reading a book." And people bought into it hook, line, and sinker because scapegoating law enforcement is the en vogue right now. So now riots have broken out, innocent people were attacked, and businesses looted. And guess what? The 'unarmed disabled man reading a book' narrative turned out to be complete bullshit. But hey, why wait for facts, right? Added bonus: $80M in FEMA funds will be rebuilding Charlotte; tax dollars that would otherwise be earmarked for recovery after an *actual* disaster.

They say there is no such thing as a dumb question. They also say every rule has its exception, and these 20 questions definitely fit the bill.

Hawaiian flowers, such as plumerias and hibiscus, gives an extra unique touch in fashion. Adding them as accessories to outfits is not difficult at all. Wearing a flower behind your earis the most traditional method in Hawaii amongst locals. There is, however, meanings of each ear the flower appears on. A woman who wear the flower on the right side is signalling that she is single, while a flower on the left means that she's married or in a relationship.

Well, looks like she is a gamer and playing Dark Souls on an X-Box or something. Keep it up, Mark

Hi Ernie, Looks like Screwdriver girl is taking a break from playing the Dark Souls video game. Tried to determine if it was I, II or III, but, alas, failed miserably. Todd

Okay, okay, before we get to the movie here's a two'fer. Show me where I can get some change to spend on Donkey Balls. Now, what's your FRIDAY FLICK? I want my two dollars!

The Comet Cleanser brand was introduced in 1956 by Procter & Gamble, and was sold to Prestige Brands in 2001. Comet is now sold in North America and distributed in the United States by Prestige Brands. Procter & Gamble retained the rights to market the brand in Europe, and to the professional market in the USA. In the 1960s and 1970s, Comet was known for a series of popular television ads featuring the character of "Josephine the Plumber". Later, in the 1980s, she gained a niece named JoAnn or Jo, who, after helping her customers with their plumbing issues, would show them a picture of her beloved Aunt Josephine, who uttered, via voiceover, "Nothing can hold a can to Comet!" Mixing cleaners containing bleach, or other oxygenates such as Comet, with cleaners or other products that contain ammonia or acid is dangerous. The P&G Comet label states "Avoid contact with acids and Ammonia."

big rig full of heavy pipes tries to back onto a barge
Driver says he felt a large jolt, brakes came on
A guy made a miniature brick oven to cook tiny, tiny pizzas for Bruce Lee
day three: i have established myself as the alpha squirrel
Homecoming king turns crown over to friend and runner-up with cerebral palsy
lynda carter as wonder woman
a fun pool
Woman Shares Graphic Photos After Boyfriend Beat Her For 'Not Wanting Sex'
Video shows woman shooting at burglars during home invasion
Russian T-34 tank on static display
Greek Apache Helicopter crash lands at beach
Viking Solutions Combination 8" and 10" Complete AR500 Steel Target Set - $99
Peaches Needs Some Lovin'
my friend build a cabin in the woods out of shree shipping containers
Mom Lets 3 Year Old Son Dress Her For A Week
Samanta Lily Lady In Pink
Girl goes viral on Twitter and Facebook after sucking a dick with a Snapchat effect
Roberta Berti on Babes Network in Pink Lace
Willow Hayes - A Day in the Life
Monica Mendez - Workout Babe Warm Up
Sexy Amateur Brunette takes Selfpics
Claudia Galanti Topless Sunbathing on the Beach

September 22, 2016

Charlotte Seems Nice This Time Of The Year.

Twenty-four minutes after Keith Scott was shot and killed by police: OMG HE'S AN UNARMED DISABLED MAN HOLDING A BOOK. Twenty-four hours after Keith Scott was shot and killed by police: Forensics and witnesses prove Scott exited the vehicle twice and the threatening manner, aimed his gun at police before getting back in the vehicle. Meanwhile, Charlotte burns because fuck facts, AMIRITE? And you know what? If I had a big crowd of violent attackers to contend with, I'd be brandishg my fucking firearm, too.

Hydrogenation of organic substances in gas form was discovered by Paul Sabatier in the late 19th century and hydrogenation while in liquid form was patented by Wilhelm Normann in 1903. Procter & Gamble's business manager John Burchenal was contacted by and hired chemist Edwin C. Kayser, former chemist for Joseph Crosfield and Sons -- who had acquired Normann's patent so as to produce soap -- who patented two processes to hydrogenate cottonseed oil, which ensures the fat remains solid at normal storage temperatures. Their initial intent was to completely harden oils for use as raw material for making soap. After rejecting the names "Krispo" and "Cryst" (the latter for obvious religious connotations), the product was eventually called Crisco, a modification of the phrase "crystallized cottonseed oil".

A typical simple screwdriver has a handle and a shaft, and a tip that the user inserts into the screw head to turn it. The shaft is usually made of tough steel to resist bending or twisting. The tip may be hardened to resist wear, treated with a dark tip coating for improved visual contrast between tip and screw—or ridged or treated for additional 'grip'. Handles are typically wood, metal, or plastic and usually hexagonal, square, or oval in cross-section to improve grip and prevent the tool from rolling when set down. Some manual screwdrivers have interchangeable tips that fit into a socket on the end of the shaft and are held in magnetically. These often have a hollow handle that contains various types and sizes of tips, and a reversible ratchet action that allows multiple full turns without repositioning the tip or the user's hand.

So I recently stumbled across the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1, based on the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 which is a fully automatic submachine gun; the civilian version we can buy earns the S1 designator.Aside from being quite the eye candy, here are two pretty in dept reviews, one written and the other a video. Full MSRP is $1049, which is a few hundred dollars more than the Beretta CX4s I have now, which I'll admit are a little goofy looking. So to be honest, I like the look of the Scorpions better so I'm hoping the local range gets one in their rental fleet so I can take it to the dance. Looking around there's not much wiggle room on price right now; I think the best bet would be Cabela's, but only after they come out with a 10-15% off coupon or something of that nature. Consider my interrest piqued.

Now tell me what Screwdriver Girl is watching on television.

Hey Ernie, The chick doing the anal bong; it is apparently some kind of Burning Man shenanigans. Keep 'em coming, Tim

I suppose when I asked what the fuck was going on here, I should have been more specific. I know the photo came from Burning Man, but I was curious *what* they were doing. From that gallery, I'm guessing it's some word of deep base wind instrument, and they she was getting off much like this scene from Private Parts (sorry I couldn't find a better copy).

In 1881 three Swiss entrepreneurs built a brewery in Plovdiv on a hill called Kamenitza and used the name as their brand. The drink of choice for most Bulgarians at the time was lager, but Kamenitza broke new ground by producing the first dark beer for the market. By the 1890s they won awards at international exhibitions, including Brussels and Chicago. The communist regime nationalised Kamenitza: first, in 1947, as part of the state-owned Alcoholic Beverages, then in 1952 as part of Vinprom. The Belgian multinational company InBev bought the Bulgarian breweries Kamenitza, Astika and Burgasko Pivo in 1995 and added Plevensko Pivo in 1997. During 1997 to 2005, InBev invested 86.3 million leva in Bulgaria, and in 2005 Kamenitza sold 800,000 hectoliters, making it the best-selling domestic beer.

Ernie, Her view is from the Bellagio, with the Cosmo there on the right. Sorry, Late to the game, Busy at work. Tom

Back in May, Katie Couric faced a heap of controversy over an edited scene in the 2016 documentary Under the Gun. This week, Couric, along with the documentary's director Stephanie Soechtig, Soechtig's company Atlas Film LLC and the film's distributor Epix were named defendants in a $12 million defamation lawsuit filed by the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights activist group appearing in the documentary.

Rolling pins can become both an obsession for the kitchen tool collector and a source of great pride for the cook who delights in baking. An essential tool in many bakeries and kitchens, they are used to evenly flatten everything from pie and pastry doughs to cookie and pasta doughs, and they're frequently displayed in the kitchen as a work of art in themselves. Choosing the right rolling pin for your needs isn't as straightforward as it might seem; there are different types and materials, each with their own good points. Simple as the tool may be -- some rolling pins are nothing more than a thick wooden dowel -- pins can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, made from any of a number of materials.

Even Ford GT Prototypes Aren't Exempt From Traffic Laws
and people wonder why we don't eat healthy anymore
Awesome Kitchen Island
USS Donald Cook in drydock
Air Force identifies pilot who died in California U-2 crash
Anthony Weiner carried on a online sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl
ocean front ziplining
Our Most Dramatic Ending EVER!!
19 Incredible Comparisons of Special Effects Evolution In Movies
Blue Angels circa 1956-7 flying Grumman F9F-8 Cougars
Recreating Top Gun: Was the Canopy to Canopy Photo Possible?
JM-1 Bomb Loader for sale on ebay
Modern Caveman: Man Builds A $230,000 House In 700-Year-Old Cave
Rich Kids brag about their wealth by lying on beds of cash naked
Iga Sheds Her Clothes as She Walks Through the Grass
Can You Spot The Plastic Cup?\
Kendra Sunderland in a Red Pajamas!
damn hot amateur girlfriend
Claudia's Great Body
Beach Spy part 144
jennifer metcalf: rear end of the year

September 21, 2016

Sorry We're Late Today, Physical Therapy Ran Long.

Good news, everyone. Clive Owen is back as The Driver in a new BMW Films called The Escape, which will debut Monday October 24 at Owen will return alongside other celebrity talents, Dakota Fanning, Jon Bernthal and Vera Farmiga. Personally, I was always partial to Beat The Devil, which featured James Brown, Gary Oldman, and of course Danny Fucking Trejo. I just wished they used the 740i from The Hire, instead of that lame ass Z4.

Caffeine is the most popular drug in the world and for many people, coffee is one of the first things on their mind each and every morning. You might not hesitate to take that first sip but next time you do, you might be getting more than what you expected, but in a good way!

Every year, millions of tourists flock to Asia to enjoy a variety of exciting attractions including diving, exotic beaches, tropical islands, night-life, archaeological sites, hill tribes and Buddhist temples. Tourists can partake in courses including Buddhism, cooking, traditional massage courses, as well as attending beautiful festivals throughout the year. Often at the top of the list of things to do is an elephant ride, but sadly, many do not know about the cruelty inflicted on these beautiful creatures. The training that's required to make them safe around people is often akin to torture, as demonstrated by the traditional Thai “phajaan” or “crush,” where young animals spirits are systematically broken through torture and social isolation. As young elephants, they are torn from their mothers and entrapped in a small confine, then ritualistically abused with bull hooks and bamboo sticks spiked with nails, as well as starved, deprived of sleep and worse, to crush their spirits and become submissive to humans.

I don't know how to present this challenge other than to flat out ask, what the fuck is going on here?

"'You can't take him with that little .22,' one in the group stated. Another added, 'That coon will still be alive when he hits the ground.' I asked the houndsman to pull the dogs away so they wouldn't chew up the potential supper, and got a good rest on a nearby hickory. “You're going to mess up the meat if you shoot him enough times to knock him out of the tree,” another sighed. I could see the head of the coon and took aim in the center. At the crack of the .22 WMR, the raccoon tumbled to the ground. He didn't twitch, and none of the meat was ruined. “What are you shooting?” one in the group asked. “That's not a .22,” another opined. We had a fat raccoon for the church supper, and the overlooked .22 WMR picked up several more new fans." Read the full story here. And of course, stock up with the best prices on .22WMR here!

Hi Ernie, Any chance you can feature this infographic about why superheroes have a day off? Best Regards, David

Hey, Ern! My Mother gave me this for my birthday; a 1.75L Bombay Sapphire bottle, melted and squished into a cheese tray. Not sure if I should LOVE it, or HATE it. ...hope they emptied it first, tho. -Motorhed.

Love/hate it. I have a melted Corona bottle as a spoon rest for my outside grill. It stays outside. Away from guests. All the time. And while you're eating your cheese, tell me what hotel presents this unique view of the MGM Grand?

From the You-Motherfuckers-Would-Have-To-Bail-Me-Out-Of-Jail Department: hidden camera catches groomer abusing dog. Seriously. Look through your couch cushions now, because I'd kill a motherfucker.

In January 1976, a patent was issued for the Chemiluminescent Signal Device, a single glass ampoule that is suspended in a second substance, that when broken and mixed together, provide the chemiluminescent light. The design also included a stand for the signal device so it could be thrown from a moving vehicle and remain standing in an upright position on the road. The idea was this would replace traditional emergency roadside flares and would be superior, since it was not a fire hazard, would be easier and safer to deploy, and would not be made ineffective if struck by passing vehicles. This design, with its single glass ampoule inside a plastic tube filled with a second substance that when bent breaks the glass and then is shaken to mix the substances, most closely resembles the typical glow stick sold today.

This Is What Happens When You Ask the Wrong Guy for Photoshop Help
Air Force Pilot Killed, Another Injured in U-2 Crash on West Coast
We Could Be Ferguson Tomorrow
marksmanship training at sea
Momma raccoon taking the kids home for the day.
Charlie Crist Draws Laughter After Calling Hillary Clinton Honest
the geekiest minivan you will ever see in your entire life
Mom tells son to drive safe and then hits him with her car!
the most metal chicken ever
bikini cop takes down pickpocket
Funny, weird and WTF images that will make your day better
Stunt pilot nearly decapitated as the wing of a plane taking off slices through his cockpit
Two Heroes Together Again - An Unbreakable Bond!
1962 Volvo L3314 Laplander
The Falcons had the Raiders fans fighting each other today.
Elisabetta Gregoraci Topless on a Balcony!
amanda loves bikinis
Bella Hadid Braless in See Through Dress for Fashion Week
FTV Teen Brina Pink Penetration
hot babes galore 10
Brunette teen Blaire enjoys her bomb pop
Girls with mental issues = Porn GOLD!

September 20, 2016

If People Don't Like Marxism, They Should Blame The British Museum. - Mikhail Gorbachev

Had the Chelsea attackers used firearms to injure 29 Americans, the media would no doubt blame the guns. But since they used a bomb instead of a firearm, obviously the only choice is to blame the tannerite; a binary explosive commonly used by long range shooters as a reactive target. Now how safe is Tannerite? "The brand-name product is defined as a 'binary explosive' by the federal BATFE. Meaning it's sold in two inert pieces, said Jimmie Oxley, a chemistry professor at the University of Rhode Island. It is not an explosive until the two parts are mixed. And even when two separate parts – ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder – are mixed, the compound won't explode until it's hit by the bullet. Tannerite cannot be set off by a smoldering fuse, an electronic fuse, an electrical current, an open flame, impact with a hammer or even a low-velocity handgun, according to Steve Yerger, a corporate investigator for Tannerite." So I'm just counting the days until Feinstein or Schumer decide that Murica simply must be saved from this Tannerite menace and proposes a ban. Translation: pick up some Tannerite while you still can. I've never used it before, and maybe never will, but I'd rather have it and not want it, than want it and not have it. Also, don't use it like an asshole and stay 100 yards away per pound..

And on a related note, while I can accept the notion that me simply misspoke and meant 'no one was killed,' between things like this and his choice for Bill Weld as VP, I do have to admit I am very quickly losing faith in Gary Johnson.

Ernie - I read your site all the time, you're the greatest, you're the best, blah, blah, blah. The "Off Duty" officer who stopped the crazy Allah Akbar shouting Radical Islamic Terrorist is none other than a USPSA Competitor and 3-Gun Shooter. Go Gun Guy! The only way to stop a bad guy with a knife is with a Good Guy with a Gun! Bob

Nice that you've been highlighting Glocks. Very nice guns. However, if you haven't tried the P938 Sig, ask your friends if they have one. 9 MM, nice recoil and very small. Pocket carry if one wants. Was doing some long distance gun help from my brother in California on his choice for his first pistol. As I was researching various guns I read about the Sig P938. Liked what I read and saw, so I bought one. Was very pleasantly surprised at how nice it shoots (Hickok45 vid). Jon

The media is also trying to downplay the role of an armed response bringing the Minnesota knife attack to a close, by highlighting the fac that Falconer was an off duty police officer from another jurisdiction. And you know what we call an off duty police officer from another jurisdiction? That's right, a civilian. What is a 3-gun shooter, you might ask? It's a practical shooting competition where each of the stages require the competitor to use and transition between a combination of rifles, handguns, and shotguns. EHOWA readers were first introduced to this style of competititon three years ago when I featured a video of (then) 13 year old Katelyn Francis. For something a little more up to date, let's watch none other than Keanu Reeves training for John Wick 2.

For first time gun owners, especially if it's going to be the only gun they own, I always try to steer them in the direction of Glock. Some people see the lack of an external manual safety as a con, I see it as a pro since you're less likely to fuck it up while under duress. They're dead simple to use, break down, and clean. Add to that they're not picky about ammo at all; mine will fucking cycle rocks if I can get them into the magazine. And for home use, don't forget a quality laser/flashlight combo, something otherwise too big and bulky for CCW.

I found the wooden bench in front of the Scadal Bar on Leva 9 , Podoli, Prague, Czech Republic. Rick

Wow, why does everywhere in Prague look like a shithole? Anyway, if you're resourceful enough you can plot a particular event's route versus a scheduled bus route and through they're intersection, figure out a rough idea of where this photo was taken.

William Purkey, began his educational career as a public school teacher, rising to a fully tenured position at the University of Florida, and finally as Professor Emeritus of Counselor Education at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. His passion for teaching and leadership has earned him various awards of excellence in his field. He is also the co-founder of The International Alliance for Invitational Education. A noted writer, researcher, speaker, and leader, Purkey has authored nearly 100 articles and more than a dozen books. He is famous for writing, “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.”

Ken Block's GYMKHANA NINE: Raw Industrial Playground
More than 800 immigrants scheduled for deportation mistakenly granted citizenship instead
daddy issues?
just installed a nasty cam in his g8. Sounds killer!
Jessie Graff does a back handspring at the Emmys
Why Mark Cuban Really Dislikes Donald Trump
yellow bridesmaid dress
Caught In The Middle of a divorce: 1968 Dodge Charger
do not throw out, finish your pills
14 Ridiculous Purchases Made By Super Rich Celebrities
niezla tyczkarka pole vaulting
Young Boy's Tribute Goes Viral
Meanwhile on the L-Train I Have No Words for This.
Some People are just not smart at all!
Surfer Girls 10
Random Photos 441
Teen has the eyes of an alluring temptress, and a perfectly petite body
Dana Vespoli
Celebrities And Their Cell Phones
Can You Spot The Bottle Of Sun Block?

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America Isn't A Melting Pot Anymore. We Just ...

Charlotte Seems Nice This Time Of The Year....

Sorry We're Late Today, Physical Therapy Ran ...

If People Don't Like Marxism, They Should Bla...

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