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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 22, 2017
November 22, 2017

Only __1__ More Day Until I Eat Myself Into A Turkey Coma.

In 1952, brothers Dick and Mac McDonald sat down with the LA architect Stanley Clark Meston and his assistant Charles Fish. The plan was to design a McDonald's roadside restaurant that could be franchised. Dick had sketched out two half circles he thought would look good at either end of the structure, catching the eyes of motorists and their hungry families. Meston, who had worked as a set designer for Universal Studios and for Wayne McAllister, architect of streamlined 1930s drive-in restaurants, turned Dick's half circles into a pair of striking 25ft high tapered and neon-lit ‘golden sheet' metal parabolas. In tune with the latest architectural fashions and engineering inventions, they looked more like a million dollars than 15 cents. Meston's golden arches made their debut in 1953 with the first franchised McDonald's at Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1863, Edward A. Calahan invented a stock ticker and formed the Gold and Stock Telegraph Company in 1867 to market the technology. Gold and Stock also developed a messenger system that sent instructions to and from the stock exchange floor. Three years later, Calahan woke up to a burglar in his home, which inspired him to create a telegraph-based alert system. This system eventually connected 50 of his neighbors to a central station where all the alert boxes were monitored. There were many small telegraph delivery companies in the United States in the 19th century and in 1874, 57 district telegraph delivery companies affiliated and became "American District Telegraph". With the increase in telephone usage in the late 19th century, ADT's messenger business slowly declined in popularity. ADT tried branching out and developing their signaling business, while still maintaining their telegraph business as primary income source. ADT incorporated into Western Union in 1901 and separated its messenger business from its main signaling business at that time. In 1909, Western Union and ADT Security came under the control of American Telephone & Telegraph Company, better known as AT&T.

Ernie, That dam you would like to see fail is the Taum Sauk Hydroelectric plant owned by Ameren. See that dead area to the right? That is where 1 billion gallons of water went down the side of the hill when it failed in 2005. No one was killed but it did lift a house off of it's foundation and moved it with a family of 5 inside. It was fortunate that it happened in December, otherwise it may have wiped out hundreds of visitors at Johnson Shutins State park in Missouri. Take care, Bob

Any idea what's on the boob tube? Looks like The Good Wife to me, but I'm not sure.

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