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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 10, 2017
July 10, 2017

Two Tough Challenges Today.

Very large, modern cruise ships can be up to 1200 feet in length and can carry 5000 passengers. To take advantage of the all the amenities and activities one often has to travel fairly long distances on board ship. Even more so if one considers that it may take several days for passenger to familiarize themselves with the spacious decks and elevator locations, and that getting lost is almost inevitable. Should you become lost, walk in one direction until you come to a bank of elevators or a stairwell. Look for the deck plan or electronic wayfinder that is almost always located there, and get your bearings. Or, go the nearest bar, lounge or public area and ask a crewmember for directions. While cabin stewards are often visible in the hallways, they generally speak less English than crewmembers who work in the bars and lounges.

Suzuki's DF150 outboard marine motor is based on an inline four cylinder DOHC powerhead with a 175 cu/in displacement. While the large displacement contributes greatly to producing exceptional acceleration and torque, it doesn't mean that they are comparatively larger and heavier in size. On the contrary, Suzuki's engineers have targeted this big block motor to be one of the lightest four strokes in the 150 HP class.

So now we officially have two statue challenges up for grabs: first there was this rock hard handjob from Friday, now today I'm adding this hat and cane. You're welcome.

Hey man, when you're talking about coffee now you're in my wheelhouse. The coffee maker you're looking to buy -- better view -- is a Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker - BVMC-EHX23 available at Target for $34.99. Don't bother with the protection plan though, coffee makers are pretty simple and rarely break down. Kyle.

The wine food festival is located at Horejsi nabr. 1126/5 Praha 5, Prague, She was at the Hradcanska metro station. Information about the festival can be found here. Rick

When radishes look like cherries, maybe it's time for a visit to the ophthalmologist? But they were selling rhubarb, which may be an acceptable substitute. Always enjoy the site. Charlie

Hmmm, let's perhaps revisit this stunning plan, shall we?

Emphasizing fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains while limiting salt and red meat, the Mediterranean diet has been described by the Mayo Clinic as a heart healthy plan. Aside from the standard coffee or tea, there is great diversity in everyday breakfast foods across the Mediterranean and as such, a typical Mediterranean work week breakfast is quick and light. For example, you might have flatbread dipped in olive oil and sprinkled with za'atar, and fresh cucumber and tomato salad. On the weekend, breakfast is an opportunity to gather with friends and family, relax, and enjoy a larger, traditional spread. A typical Eastern Mediterranean spread would add a variety of soft and hard cheeses, sliced meats, fresh hummus, olives, pickled vegetables, and cooked fava beans to the basic ?atbread and olive oil.

So... Our lovely blond is in Prague, Czech Republic. Our plane is landing in Ste. Barth's, FWI (landed there a dozen times myself). From the livery; St. Barth's Commuter Air. They fly Cessna 208B Grand Caravan(s). Range on said plane; 1232 miles. Distance from Ste. Barth's to Prague; 4700 miles. Sooo... stay on Ste Barth's, PLENTY of nude hotties there... Love the site... Ferg

Ernie, "This plane" is a Cessna Grand Caravan, with a cargo pod, belonging to "St. Barth Commuter" (call# F-OSBC). They offer commuter service to St. Barthelemy island in the Caribbean. The airport there (Gustaf III) is notoriously difficult to land at, so much that special training is required. Streetview. The range of the grand caravan is 964 nautical miles, and the "wine food festival" is in Prague Czech republic (Smichovska Naplavka is a marina on the river there), at 4102nm from St. Barth's, so the range is a bit short. Mike

So here's a nice challenge all fucked up by Google. You'd think with all of the 3D mapping they've accomplished, the Grand Canyon would be one of their crown jewels, right? WRONG! They have not 3D mapped the Grand Canyon, and thus one would not be able to recreate the view of this unique rock outcropping in the background. So fuck the Grand Canyon, let's head back towards Las Vegas, maybe stopping to grab some beers along the way if you can show me where.

Banana boats are unpowered long inflatable boats that are designed to be towed by a larger boat. They are great sources of recreational fun on the water, and are sometimes referred to as water sleds because of their large holding capacity, available in all sizes from 3 person inflatable boats to the 12 person boats. The passenger riders sit next to one another on the towable tube, with support given by two smaller inflatable tubes which serve as footrests and a source of balance.

City Fails vs. Country Fails
Alligator bites Camera Attached To Man's Head
you dawg i heard you don't like bushes
navy lowering down (or raising?) a rigid inflatable boat
Grizzly Bear Charges At Truck
Guy Runs Into A Woman huffing Compressed Gas Duster
cannibalized cockpit section of a B-52
relationship goals
4000 PSI BB rotary gatling gun
Finn Harps striker Kevin McHugh could lose a finger after freak accident
Cocky Porsche 911 messes with the wrong 600hp Sleeper Audi RS4
Cat Stuck in Brickwork of New Construction
there's a glitch in the matrix
holy shit that's some serious stretching
Houston Police Taser Naked Man Who Hits Cop
hottie sandy in the shower
I bet her parents wishes they never gave her that WebCam
Tina is housewife material
Tahlia Paris
Real Girls 2842-2
dude nsfw
the battle of the triplets!

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