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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 7, 2017
July 7, 2017

So Tell Me, Are You A Padawan, A Jedi Knight, Or A Jedi Master?

How bad is CNN's collapse? They're losing the prime time (8p-11p) ratings war to Nick-At-Nite, and no I am not kidding.

Financial organizations, law practices and accounting firms are used to dealing with a large influx of tax return supplies, paper documents from clients and prospects, and keeping these files organized is key to running a successful business. File boxes are easy to mark for identification and organization, making it convenient to locate files on a particular individual, specific year or large project. Opt for boxes that stack easily if your storage space lacks shelves; consider file storage with labels on two sides so you can find the right box easily in a packed space.

There are two general types of gemstone cutting: cabochon and facet. The first type is called faceted, in which the stone has the general overall shape of the modern diamond, with a thin edge, called the girdle, the top angling up into what is called the crown, and the bottom angling down into what is called the pavilion. In the case of a cabochon stone, the side of the stone is usually cut at a shallow angle, so that when the bezel is pushed over the stone that angle permits it to hold the stone in place and keep it tight. Cabochons are smooth, often domed, with flat backs. Agates and turquoise are usually cut this way, but precious stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires also may be. Many stones like star sapphires and moonstones must be cut this way in order to see the effects the stones have in them.

A Padawan is a Force-sensitive adolescent who trained in the Jedi Order to one day become a full-fledged Jedi. Padawans were known as Jedi younglings at first, and trained in classroom settings with multiple students and a teacher. After reaching a certain age, Padawans were normally apprenticed to a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master, beginning their one-on-one training. Even a young Padawan should be able to tell me how much this coffee maker costs.

Your little brunette girl flashing her ass to traffic on the Bridge of the Catalans and looking down at the Garonne River in France. Hope the ankle is all healed up. Ritchie

Hey Ernie, Your old hometown is in the news: Hanscom AFB returns to normal operations, pallets taken for more testing. Brian

It's funny the way social media has shaped the news; even though I'm not in the Massachusetts area anymore, facebook drove this story right to my news feed because I have Hanscom AFB as a prior work place. Turns out, this unfolded right outside of the complex where I used to work, my first three years in ESD/AL and the remaining two under ESC/EN, both just a few hundred feet from the Vandenberg Gate where this shit went down. I called Flaherty -- yeah, his ass still works there -- right after and we both came to the conclusion that some poor NCO who was PCSing in from a state that allowed fireworks was going to get his ass roasted. But, next day, turns out to be residue on some old pallets. Oh well. Props to the K9's nose though!

Jedi Knight was a rank within the Jedi Order, referring to Jedi who had completed their training and passed the Jedi Trials to become a full member of the Order. Jedi Knights, like the Order they served, were guardians of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic, and served in key military command roles during the Clone Wars. A Jedi Knight should be able to find this row of fountains on Street View.

The young lady in the sun hat with the roasted buns is standing on the hill just before the St Barts airport. Terry

Here's a link to the plane. Long time reader. Craig

Jedi Master was a rank in the Jedi Order given to powerful Jedi, many of whom were leaders within the Order. Throughout the history of the Jedi, only Masters served on the Jedi High Council until Anakin Skywalker was appointed to the Order's highest governing body as a representative of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. Only a Jedi Master would be able to find where this stone handjob took place.

Like most temperate-latitude trees, cherry seeds require exposure to cold to germinate, which is an adaptation which prevents germination during the autumn, which would then result in the seedling being killed by winter temperatures. The pits are planted in the autumn and seedlings emerge in the spring. A cherry tree will take three to four years in the field to produce its first crop of fruit, and seven years to attain full maturity. Cherries have a short growing season and in the Northern Hemisphere will blossom in April with the peak season for the cherry harvest is in the summer. In many parts of North America, they are among the first tree fruits to flower and ripen in mid Spring.

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