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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 31, 2017
May 31, 2017

And I Used To Really Like May, Too.

From the invigorating Morning Burst collection comes Morning Burst Facial Cleanser; a foaming cleanser uniquely formulated with bursting beads that burst with energy and vitamins, and an invigorating citrus fragrance to help wake you up. This gentle cleanser, with vitamin c and ginseng, helps nourish skin while removing the dirt, oil and impurities that build up overnight.

The Glad brand originated in the United States in 1963 when the owner and CEO of the company, David Darroch, launched "Glad Wrap", a polyethylene film used as a food wrap. Douglas G. Taylor was transferred that same year from the Union Carbide facility in Pittsburgh, Pa. to spearhead the Glad project. Mr. Taylor headed Sales and Marketing for the Glad products until he was retired from Union Carbide in 1985 after putting together the sale to FirstBrands. In 1998, First Brands was acquired by Clorox. In 2002, Clorox allowed Procter & Gamble to buy a 10% share in Glad Products Company, thus making it a joint venture. Glad trash bags' slogans were "Why Take Chances, Get Glad!" and "Don't get mad! Get Glad!"

ATTENTION CAR GUYS: first I need you to identify the make and model of the car that's just been washed, and secondly I'd like to add some bling to my ride with this chrome fuel door cover, so please tell me how much I should budget for. Thank you in advance.

Many parasail canopies that are designed for commercial use offering rides to tourists on vacation are bright in color and have designs ranging from flags, logos, smiley faces, and multiple color patterns. In recent years, operators have moved from small parachutes to large parachutes that utilize high-lift, low-drag designs enabling operators to fly higher payloads in lower winds. Most operators now offer double and triple flights using an adjustable side by side bar arrangement. The side by side bar is aluminum attached to the yoke of the chute, allowing two or three passenger harnesses to be attached side-by-side.

The whole neighborhood surrounding The Hotel Triunfo at the intersection of Carrer de la Princesa & Passeig de Picasso seems to have a problem with graffiti. Dennis

The brunette with the landing strip is looking for change right around the corner from the Plast Svedomi in Prague. Clevin

That kayak was in the Miass river in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia. I found a picture of five of them,one is green. and here's an instantstreetview and one link to a picture of the building and a second to the kayaks.Rick

ATTENTION WORLD TRAVELERS: can you tell me if I'm losing my fucking mind or not? I've had this public fountain on my challenge to-do list for quite some time now, but for some reason the white building with the red awnings over the windows looks uncomfortably familiar. Is that because it's been sitting in my queue for a while and I just recall seeing it before -- in which case find said fountain -- or have I posted this photo before? Usually I'm pretty spot on about these things but with the one I'm drawing a fucking blank.

An exhaust hood is a device containing a mechanical fan that hangs above the stove or cooktop in the kitchen. It removes airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odors, heat, and steam from the air by evacuation of the air and filtration. In commercial kitchens exhaust hoods are often used in combination with fire suppression devices so that fumes from a grease fire are properly vented and the fire is put out quickly. Commercial vent hoods may also be combined with a fresh air fan that draws in exterior air, circulating it with the cooking fumes, which is then drawn out by the hood. In most exhaust hoods, a filtration system removes grease and other particles. Although many vent hoods exhaust air to the outside, some recirculate the air back to the kitchen. In a recirculating system, filters may be used to remove odors in addition to the grease.

We won't let you die! 5 incredible rescues.
when you make homemade twix bars
piglets love ice cream too ya know
Rejected By The Love of His Life
oh just grabbing a ride
migrants caught stealing from manchester bombing memorial
someone is going to get fired for this
What Will Be The Next Generation USAF?
Jet owned by Elvis Presley auctioned after sitting 35 years
This icy water flows within a crack between the North American and Eurasian continents, which drift 2cm further apart each year.
yo dawg, i heard you like BLT sandwiches?
unfortunately this doesn't end how you'd like it to end
Bikini Bike Wash at Republic Harley-Davidson heats up Houston's Memorial Day Weekend
meanwhile in russia, a water main break
so i packed my meals for the week
The Beach Spy [Part 151]
Big Boob Milf Katerina Hartlova
Nikki Sims Nipple Painting
Busty Snowboarder Kira!
Amateur goddess girlfriend ylva
Tessa Fowler Trekkie Babe
Kaycee Barnes



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