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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 12, 2017
April 12, 2017

I've Been Browsing PetFinder and AdoptAPet Lately, So Who Knows.

Angry Orchard Green Apple Hard Cider showcases the recognizable tart, puckering flavor characteristic of green apples that's meant to be enjoyed year-round and is unlike any other cider. Green Apple's soft, bright acidity complements heavier flavors of smoked meats and sharp cheeses, as well as sweet desserts. Angry Orchard uses the ripest apples harvested by hand to ensure the highest quality. The result is a distinctly crisp and refreshing cider. You'll taste the difference.

Adam and Eve, according to the creation myth of the Abrahamic religions, were the first man and woman and the ancestors of all humans. The story of Adam and Eve is central to the belief that God created human beings in a Garden of Eden, although they fell away from that state into the present world full of death, evil, pain and suffering. Any idea where they're hanging out these days?

A bark is a sound most commonly produced by dogs and other animals including wolves, coyotes, pinnipeds, foxes and quolls. Barking in domestic dogs is a controversial topic. While suggested that barking is "non-communicative," data exists to show that it may well be a means of expression that became increasingly sophisticated during domestication. However, due to the lack of consensus over whether or not dogs actually communicate using their barks, there has not been much work done on categorizing the different types of barking in dogs. Woof is the most common representation in the English language for this sound, especially for large dogs.

McCafé is a coffee-house-style food and beverage chain, owned by McDonald's. Conceptualised and launched in Melbourne, Australia in 1993 by McDonald's Licensee Ann Brown, and introduced to the public with help from late McDonald's CEO Charlie Bell. Reports indicated that McCafé outlets generated 15% more revenue than a regular McDonald's and, by 2003, were the largest coffee shop brand in Australia and New Zealand. The first one in the United States opened in Chicago, Illinois, in May 2001 when there were about 300 worldwide. Can you find this one?

The Marquis Theater on W. 46th St. in NYC in it's more current look with that Marriot still next door. Carry on, bro. Alex

Hi Ernie, This is just a few blocks from my office at Broadway between 45th and 46th Sts. With all the construction Streetview looks a little different. Keep them coming, Andrew

With the 8th installment coming out, it seems like a good time to take a look at the biggest bloopers that snuck through the net of this cinematic juggernaut of a franchise. Across all 7 movies to date, fans have spotted almost 400 mistakes, and here is a compilation of the best ones, from stuntmen's helmets being caught on screen to sudden costume changes, cars pedals changing design and even the Rock's disappearing beard. Thanks, Jon

New York's roads are congested, and you have two options: on-street parking; and commercial parking facilities. On street parking rates for vary across the five boroughs. Parking rates are posted on each parking meter, and the legal parking duration is posted in the top left hand corner of the green meter signs. Legal parking durations vary from 1 hour to 12 hours, but meters do not have to be paid on Sundays. There are also over 1100 parking facilities in Manhattan, and prices vary wildly between neighboring garages and lots. Any idea where I can grab a Pepsi when I park?

In oceanography, a shoal is a natural submerged ridge, bank, or bar that consists of sand, rocks, or other unconsolidated material, and rises from the bed of a body of water to near the surface. Often it refers to those submerged ridges, banks, or bars that rise near enough to the surface of a body of water as to constitute a danger to navigation. Two or more shoals that are either separated by shared troughs or interconnected sedimentary and hydrographic processes are referred to as a shoal complex.

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