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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 17, 2017
February 17, 2017

Well I Have To Admit, This Is Rather Genius.

This video has recently been making its way around social media (here's a backup link in case that one disappears) and everyone is shitting bricks. Those of us not willing to immediately believe everything we read on Facebook will of course try to verify the story by googling "Acesha Bright" and looking for a mugshot or arrest. And of course, there is a recent one for attempted murder. You can ever track her down ion the Miami Dade Sheriff's website.

Except here's the corker. It's complete bullshit. For starters, the Facebook account featured in the video is for Dominic Low, a guy known for staging online videos. Second, the girl who "electrocutes" the two guys bears a striking resemblance to the girl who the same girl who "exposed" him for living in a storage closet. Secondly, any hotel outlet, especially those next to a tub of water, are going to be GFI. Thirdly, there's only one count of murder/attempted murder, instead of two.

So what happened is a couple of people sat and waited for a murder charge to come up against someone who looks like a member of their clique. Once that happened, they stage a 'crime' on video and provide the real arrestee's name so it looks legit after an arrest record search. Bloody fucking brilliant, if you ask me.

Red hair was apparently a sign of witchcraft in Christian Europe and it's said that it was often seen as a marker of guilt in the eyes of witch finders. To what extent this is true we'll probably never truly know, but it does appear from the evidence that red hair was certainly seen as untrustworthy and something that aroused suspicion. See if you can find these two sketchy bitches: one is getting her car detailed, and the other is about to sit on some metal chairs.

Ernie, real easy cartoon. Felix the Cat. Dusty, P.C. Fla

Felix the Cat! Felix the Cat, the wonderful wonderful cat, you'll laugh so much your sides will ache, your heart will go pitter pat watching Felix, the wonderful cat. If you had Color TV when you came along you may not have seen him. Crusader Rabbit and Heckle & Jeckle I remember as well. I'm Old now. Tom

New data highlight that bicyclists in the United States save at least $4.6 billion a year by riding instead of driving. The analyses were released on Friday to coincide with National Bike to Work Day, part of National Bike Month, which occurs each May. The average annual operating cost of a bicycle is $308, compared to $8,220 for the average car, and if American drivers replaced just one four-mile car trip with a bike each week for the entire year, it would save over two billion gallons of gas, for a total savings of $6.3 billion a year, based on $3 a gallon for gas.

Corporation debuted Trojan brand condoms with the image of the Trojan helmet. Trojan began advertising condoms in 1927 through an ad placed in a trade magazine for pharmacists. By 1930 latex-based materials were used. Latex was less expensive than the rubber used previously, while still providing protection against disease and pregnancy. The material change also allowed a shelf life of five years in comparison to three months. Like all condoms sold in the U.S., Trojan condoms are electrically tested for durability and reliability. As of 2009, Trojan produces 30 different varieties of condoms. Trojan ENZ condoms feature a classic design with a reservoir tip that lets you feel the pleasure, not the condom!

Hi Ernie, Your Cockermouth is in North England just outside of the Lake District. Mark C

Well It wasn't easy but here's that g'dam L'Atelier du Meuble furniture shop from January. I'ts on Boulevard Pasteur in Marseillan, France. Rick

A stove burner cover allows you to protect your stove from dirt, wear, and spills. Covers protect the surface from developing scratches, which is especially helpful if you want to use the stove top itself as a work surface where you can chop vegetables or mix ingredients. There won't be any way for bacteria or deposits to accumulate on the surface of your stove. Stove covers aren't porous, so they're easy to clean. That's why you can even use a cutting board or place serving dishes on top of a stove cover. No matter whether you have an induction range, electric burners, a gas stove, or even a ceramic cooktop, you'll be able to find some great stove covers to go with your stove.

In early wine history, the amphora was the vessel of choice for the storage and transportation of wine. Due to the perishable nature of wood material it is difficult to trace the usage of barrels in history. The Greek historian Herodotus noted that ancient Mesopotamians used barrels made of palm wood to transport wine along the Euphrates. Palm is a difficult material to bend and fashion into barrels, however, and wine merchants in different regions experimented with different wood styles to find a better wood source. The use of oak has been prevalent in winemaking for at least two millennia, first coming into widespread use during the time of the Roman Empire. In time, winemakers discovered that beyond just storage convenience, wine kept in oak barrels took on properties that improved it by making it softer and, in some cases, better-tasting.

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