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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013

Wow, How Could I Have Been So Oblivious?

What clashes? What colors don't go together? What can't you wear with what? One color with another? Stripes and more stripes? Mixing patterns? This is a tough question to answer, as there are very few hard and fast rules. Even old rules like no pots and stripes can be thrown out if a good balance is struck. Successful pattern-mixing truly elevates your outfit to the next level — it says you're a person who likes to take a risk, has confidence in their ability to assemble an outfit, and pays attention to the details.

Some of you hardier types might keep the grill going all winter long, but most of us take a few-month hiatus from the art of outdoor open-flame cooking when the weather gets cold. However, now it's mid-May, which means that no matter where you live the weather is improving, and barbecue season is once again upon us. Therefore, we're going to get in the mood for grilling out with this list of barbecue gadgets. Some are must-haves; others are pretty ridiculous.

Lonsdale is a boxing, mixed martial arts and clothing brand that was founded in London, England in 1960. Ex-boxer Bernard Hart started the brand as a boxing equipment company, but it eventually branched out into clothing as well. The company is named after Hugh Cecil Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale, who in 1891 set up the first organised boxing matches with gloves, following the deaths of three boxers in bare knuckle fights. On 25 March 2010, Lonsdale London celebrated the 50th anniversary of the brand by holding the Lonsdale Challenge at the Liberty Boxing Gym in Nottingham, England. The event featured Lonsdale-sponsored boxers Carl Froch, James DeGale and Tony Jefferies in various boxing-related challenges.

Almost every pro athlete has played through painful injuries. In fact, depending on the sport, some are constantly playing through painful injuries. Nevertheless, some instances of athletes playing through injuries are more notable than others, whether it's because of the extent of the injury or the circumstances surrounding it. And today we're going to take a look at some of these. Be advised, however, this following list is not intended to be all inclusive. There are way too many cases of athletes soldiering on through the pain to list every single one. However, the examples here are definitely notable and worthy of praise.

And from the HOW THE FUCK DID I NOT NOITCE THAT department:

also on that burnout workout video that you posted, did you notice the dude taking a shit at the 12 sec mark??? Will

Hey Ernie, thought you might be interested in the surprise during that exercise video you posted. Keep up the great work! -Bruce

Okay, first off, I LOVED that workout video with the hot brunette, but in the first minute, am I the only person who's noticed that guy on the crapper? Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend! Joel

A linchpin, also spelled linch pin, lynchpin, or lynch pin, is a fastener used to prevent a wheel or other part from sliding off the axle upon which it is riding. The word is first attested in the 14th century and derives from Middle English elements meaning "axletree pin". Securing implements onto the three-point hitch of a boat is an example of application. Linchpins may also be used in place of an R-clip for securing hitch pins.

Old and busted: rolling icebergs. The new hotness: exploding icebergs.

Dr. Henry Jay Heimlich is an American physician who has received credit as the inventor of abdominal thrusts, more commonly known as the Heimlich maneuver, though debate continues over his role in the development of the procedure. Heimlich first published his views about the maneuver in a June 1974 informal article in Emergency Medicine entitled, "Pop Goes the Cafe Coronary". Performing abdominal thrusts involves a rescuer standing behind a patient and using his or her hands to exert pressure on the bottom of the diaphragm. This compresses the lungs and exerts pressure on any object lodged in the trachea, hopefully expelling it. This amounts to an artificial cough.

the ATF's OFFICIAL response to all of these 3D printed handguns

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