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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 23, 2012
February 23, 2012

So Long Marine Aviators, We Hardly Knew Ye.

Seven U.S. Marines have been killed in the midair collision of two U.S. military helicopters in southern Arizona, officials said Thursday. The crash occurred during routine training operations late Wednesday at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Maj. Carl B. Redding, Jr. of the Marine Corps said in a statement. The collision involved an AH-1W "Super Cobra" attack helicopter and a UH-1Y "Huey" utility chopper, which the military has long used for a variety of tasks. They were part of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing. Authorities were investigating the collision, which occurred in a remote area of a training range complex. "We won't know exactly what happened until the investigation is complete, and we can't make any assumptions right now," said 1st Lt. Maureen Dooley, a Marine Corps spokeswoman. The Marines onboard were training for deployment, she said. "We have aircraft going out to Yuma training ranges on a weekly basis, and they go out there primarily because the aircraft mimics what they will see in Afghanistan," Dooley said. Authorities did not plan to release the names of the Marines involved until their families were notified. No doubt those the loss of these seven brave souls will received a level media attention worthy of Whitney Houston, yes?

In aviation, the Big Sky Theory is that two randomly flying bodies are very unlikely to collide, as the three dimensional space is so large relative to the bodies. Some aviation safety rules involving altimetry and navigation standards are based on this concept. It does not apply (or applies less) when aircraft are flying along specific narrow routes, such as an airport traffic pattern or jet airway. The Big Sky Theory has been mathematically modeled, using a gas law approach. This implies that metal-on-metal collisions of aircraft in free flight should be extremely rare in en-route airspace, whereas operational errors chould be relatively common. Wikipedia

So anyway, minor update in the Ongoing Saga Of My Father's Gun. Last evening I received a text message from Ray -- remember he sent me pics via his iPhone so we've uses text messages for quick communications -- and he reports that , "Ernie, we spend a lot of time researching this and there was onnly the one S&W Army Revolver that we purchased last year and apparently your father did not sell that firearm to us. Sorry." Which indeed would be a horrible tragegy if not for three things: One, my father's gun is not an Army Revolver (stablemate to the Colt Model 1911), but a little ol personal protection snubnose. I don't know where this misconception came from, that the gun in question is an Army model, but I'll try to straighten that out in a phonecall later today. Second, when I initially called these guys up back in late October, they managed to find the receipt for the purchase and confirmed the date, name, and serial number that I provided them. And three, did I call this gun shop out of the fucking blue? Oh, no I didn't. I dialed the phone number on the my father's copy of the bill of sale. I will admit that all of these phonecalls are getting very annoying -- not as annoying as the guy who slowly chases you down the aisle of a parking lot trying to get dibs on your parking space -- but close.

Okay, my annual reminder on political misinformation. Nobody every seems to fucking read it, but here it goes again. Try to remember folks: just because you read something on the fucking internet, doesn't mean it's true. So before you burn your fingertips clicking that Share button telling all of the world how Obamacare would prevent advanced neurosurgery for patients over the age of 70 -- the first lady even tries to further qualify this bullshit by adding a personal touch, "My aunt had brain surgery yesterday as she had 3 anuerysms. She is 75 and her doctor told her if Obamacare was in effect because she was over 70, they would not do surgery only xray it every year and watch it..." This fact is even verified by an actual brain surgeron calling in to a conservative talk show. The catch is, this story is COMPLETE FUCKING BULLSHIT. How do we know it's complete bullshit? because it's not true. How do we know it's not true? Because after that phonecall aired, the fucking American Association of Neurological Sciences put out a press release that basically said, "We dunno who the fuck that guy was, but he ain't no brain surgeron and his story was complete fucking bullshit," that's how. [Here's an image of their press release, in case you're not a .PDF fan] So lady with the 75 year old aunt? You sit your whore ass down and shut the fuck up.

And again this isn't a one sided problem. Maybe you're like me and think that Rick Santorum is a raging festering asshole -- I mean who could blame you. But before you go posting to your Facebook wall about how ol Ricky thinks, "being female is a mental disorder," take the thirty fucking seconds to make sure the source you're quoting isn't a satire based comedy website -- you know, just like The Onion Abortionplex article. So please. No matter what side of the political spectrum you choose to hang you hat, do yourself and everyone around you a favor and take the thirty fucking seconds out of your day to vefify these stories before forwarding them on. If it sounds too fantastic to be true, chances are it is.

Hey Ernie, Went on a day trip over our 72 this past weekend to Panama City Beach so another Marine in my det could hook up with some girl. Yes, I'm an incredible friend. Anyway we stopped in Destin at McGuire's Pub, a pretty damn cool place with incredible food and hilarious atmosphere/decor. I loved the place. I attached a couple of pics. Have a good one. -Nick -- Oh yeah, our server estimated that there is about $1.25 million on the walls/ceilings/columns. I believe it.

Man, what kind of world is it coming to when a couple of fellow can't even enjoy their burger without getting hassled by The Man? Peek-a-boo, that's what you get for eating In-N-Out Burgers, you fuckers. Five Guys rulez!

Breakwaters are structures constructed on coasts as part of coastal defence or to protect an anchorage from the effects of weather and longshore drift. Breakwaters are either constructed some distance from the coast or built with one end linked to it (in which case they are usually called a sea wall), and may be either fixed or floating, the choice depending on normal water depth and tidal range. Rubble mound breakwaters use the voids in the structure to dissipate the wave energy. Rock or concrete boulders are moved by crane onto the outside of the structure, to absorb most of the energy, while gravels or sands are used to prevent the wave energy's continuing through the breakwater core.

The City of Chicago released its roster of "unsafe handguns" that cannot be legally possessed in the City because they cannot be registered with the police as one part of obtaining a license to possess a gun, as required under the City's new gun laws. But the list is not limited to hand guns as the law is so vague it can be interpreted as to apply to all guns made by a manufacture. Of comical interest is banning of the deadly Daisy BB Gun Line, probably because of it pure destructive power. Also banned were all firearms by Hi-Point (?), Marlin (?!?), my little Sig Mosquito in .22LR (?!?!), and also all firearms by Dreadnaught, the latter of which John Crighton was unavailable for comment.

Reminded me of the Forrest Gump coon scene. Charles

Check out this bad boy! Probably have to put a new hood on your Chevy DODGE pick up to fit this in!! good luck on the gun project... that guy is an ass! Joel.

A clothes iron, also referred to as simply an iron, is a small appliance used in ironing to remove wrinkles from fabric. Ironing works by loosening the ties between the long chains of molecules that exist in polymer fiber materials. With the heat and the weight of the ironing plate, the fibers are stretched and the fabric maintains its new shape when cool. Some materials such as cotton require the use of water to loosen the intermolecular bonds. Many materials developed in the twentieth century are advertised as needing little or no ironing.

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London, United Kingdom. Its overall sound has been described as "tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals". In 2011, dubstep gained significant traction in the US market by way of a post-dubstep style known as 'brostep' with the American producer Skrillex becoming something of a figurehead for the scene. One characteristic of certain strands of dubstep is the wobble bass, where an extended bass note is manipulated rhythmically. This style of bass is a driving factor in some variations of dubstep, particularly at the more club-friendly end of the spectrum.

With the shortened 2012 NBA season at it's midway point, there's no better time to go through and rank the league's hottest cheerleaders and dancers. So today we bring you Part 1: The Eastern Conference, and next week we'll bring you Part 2: The Western Conference. Now, I'm sure all the scientific minds out there will want to know our method for ranking the NBA's cheerleading squads. And let me tell you, it's pretty sophisticated. Basically, in a nutshell, what I did was this: I went through pictures of all the cheerleading squads, picked the hottest member of each team, and then ranked them. Did you follow that? No? Well that's okay. It'll all make sense when you look at these pictures. Actually, you'll probably just forget everything I just wrote once you look at the pictures.

Does anyone else every wonder why almost all pleasure boats are white? What's the reason for that, anyway?

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