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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 20, 2012
February 20, 2012

Officeholders Are The Agents Of The People, Not Their Masters. - Grover Cleveland

And this my friends, is why we're all fucked in 2012. If things keep going like this, I'm not even sure it'll be worth voting anymore.

The riders of Rolling Thunder in partnership with Adamec's Harley Davidson sponsor their annual POW/MIA ride at their Baymeadows store. The group will gather together to remember those servicemen and women who were captured or are missing in action. Rolling Thunder is best know for their support of Veterans from the Viet-Nam war and their families. They also assist with escorts, rides and are the voice of those lost during conflict. The worst thing that can happen is that we forget those who protect us. The riders will assemble at the Adamec Harley Davidson in Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday, March 31, 2012.

Oh, and each year EHOWA reader Bruno (who lives in Rio De Janeiro) sends us photos of the ladies of Carnaval.... and like clockwork, here they are for 2012. Thanks Bruno!

The way this particular anti-aircraft drill worked was, the USS Iowa would release balloons that served as targets for anti-aircraft guns. Fair enough. Until some of the balloons drifted over to the USS William D. Porter and someone (Captain Walter) thought it was time for redemption since he accidently attacked his own convoy with depth charges a few hours earlier. So he ordered his crew to fire on any balloons missed by the Iowa's gunners. That part went fine. Then, feeling cocky, he ordered a practice firing of their torpedoes. And the practice target would be the Iowa. Oh, yes. You know what's about to happen. They announced "Fire one!" and the first fake torpedo was fake fired. "Fire two!" and the second fake torpedo was fake fired. "Fire three!" and a swooshing sound was heard. The crew watched in horror as an actual torpedo left the tube and made a beeline for the USS Iowa and the President of the United States. Things just got worse from there.

So evidently one of the pictures I posted last weeks seems to have been photoshopped. I've spend a few minutes trying to see which one was the orginal, but so far no luck. Tell me what you think: is it this one, or that one?

Mercury Marine, founded in 1939, is a division of Brunswick of Lake Forest, Illinois, in the United States. Mercury provides engines for private, commercial and government sales. Mercury also has its own line of racing engines tailored for power and speed. The company's primary business is outboard motors. Mercury Outboards, 30 horsepower and less, are made by Tohatsu in Japan. Mercury Marine builds 40, 50 and 60 horsepower outboard motors in Suzhou, China. Mercury also manufactures engines over 75 horsepower in their Fond du Lac, Wisconsin hub in the USA.

If you had to chose between being a movie star or a sports star, which would you pick? Based on the women in this list, I think the choice is obvious. Male athletes have it all. They make millions of dollars, have plenty of fame, and get all the beautiful women. They are living a life that every man wishes he could live. A luxurious life filled with all the guilty pleasures one man can handle. And it was not until the year 2002 that a word was invented to describe the women these men chased. The term WAG, meaning wives and girlfriends, started a whole new era in sports hotties. It gave us a title for the lingerie models, bikini babes, TV reporters, and Hollywood starlets that these men flocked towards. In honor of the past 12 WAG filled years since the turn of the new millennium, I give you none ofther than Heather Mitts, wife of Eagles backup QB AJ Feeley.

Dairy farming is a class of agricultural, or an animal husbandry, enterprise, for long-term production of milk, usually from dairy cows but also from goats and sheep, which may be either processed on-site or transported to a dairy factory for processing and eventual retail sale. Milking machines are held in place automatically by a vacuum system that draws the ambient air pressure down from 15 to 21 pounds per square inch of vacuum. The vacuum is also used to lift milk vertically through small diameter hoses, into the receiving can. A milk lift pump draws the milk from the receiving can through large diameter stainless steel piping, through the plate cooler, then into a refrigerated bulk tank. Milk is extracted from the cow's udder by flexible rubber sheaths known as liners or inflations that are surrounded by a rigid air chamber. A pulsating flow of ambient air and vacuum is applied to the inflation's air chamber during the milking process. When ambient air is allowed to enter the chamber, the vacuum inside the inflation causes the inflation to collapse around the cow's teat, squeezing the milk out of teat in a similar fashion as a baby calf's mouth massaging the teat.

I was looking for a new reel before I head to Alaska. I think this one might be my choice. Jason

This guy is my new favorite sports fan. Geo

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the uber-mustached of Tom Selleck had something to do with this scene from Blue Bloods. Good for you, Magnum! Master Robin would be proud.

On that note, all my AK gurus out there... do these look like Yugoslavian variants, or Chinese models imported by Norinco back in the 90's?

Modern Family is one of the best new sitcoms to come around in a long time and it’s largely because the creators got the humor/eye candy quotient exactly right. It’s funny and there’s plenty to look at for the guys. Plus I like to pretend that Ed O’Neal is actually still playing Al Bundy, only Al finally won the lottery, dumped Peg, and married Sofia Vergara. Modern Family really wraps up that character arc for me. Sofia Vergara comes from Columbia, proving once again that South Americans pretty much have a monopoly on hot women. Check out these Sophoe Vergara pics and tell me you don’t agree.

"Hey I got a great idea that's going to make you famous on the internet." "Great, what do I have to do?" "Here, put this on."

Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel, and usually swimfins. In cooler waters, a wetsuit may also be worn. Use of this equipment allows the snorkeler to observe underwater attractions for extended periods of time with relatively little effort. Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity, particularly at tropical resort and scuba diving locations. The primary appeal is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting without the complicated equipment and training required for scuba diving and it appeals to all ages because of how little effort there is, and without the exhaled bubbles of scuba-diving equipment. Snorkeling requires no special training, only the ability to swim and to breathe through the snorkel. However, for safety reasons, instruction and orientation from a fellow "experienced" snorkeler, tour guide, dive shop, or equipment-rental shop is recommended. Instruction generally covers equipment usage, basic safety, what to look for, and what to look out for, and conservation instructions. As with scuba-diving it is always recommended that one not snorkel alone, but rather with a buddy, a guide or a tour group.

and there was one crazy girl to rule them all

$5,075 loan from western sky financial will cost you $40,872.72

most of us have no problem copying, just so long as we're the ones doing it

old and busted: world's largest tank graveyards. new hotness: world's largest plane graveyards

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