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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 13, 2012
February 13, 2012

Where Is Erpic Beard Man When You Need Him.

The original screen ratio for television broadcasts was 4:3. When preparing a film that was originally intended to be displayed in widescreen for television broadcast the material was often edited with the sides truncated, using a technique called pan and scan. Widescreen images are a variety of aspect ratios used in film, television and computer screens. In film, a widescreen film is any film image with a width-to-height aspect ratio greater than the standard 1.37:1 Academy aspect ratio provided by 35mm film. For television, the original screen ratio for broadcasts was 4:3. In the 2000s, 16:9 TV displays came into wide use. They are typically used in conjunction with high-definition television (HDTV) receivers, or Standard-Definition (SD) DVD players and other digital television sources.

One of the most often overlooked benefits of in-wall speakers is much reduced diffraction. This reduction of early reflections helps both the imaging (localization of the phantom images created by multichannel audio) and the tonality (timbre) of a speaker system. The other benefit of an in-wall mounting is that the in-wall mounting takes the guess work out of the speaker voicing (so called baffle step) by giving very predictable low frequency behavior for the half space (2 pi) mounting of the wall. A free standing wall speaker, depending on the distance from the rear wall and side walls has a complex interference of their direct and reflected sound, causing dips in the response around 200 Hz, the so called "Allison effect".

AC power plugs and sockets are devices for removably connecting electrically operated devices to the power supply. Electrical plugs and sockets differ by country in voltage and current rating, shape, size and type of connectors. The types used in each country are set by national standards. France, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and some other countries have standardized on a round plug with two round pins measuring 4.8 by 19 mm, spaced 19 mm apart and with a hole for the socket's ground pin. This standard will also accept Europlugs and CEE 7/17 plugs. Sockets are installed with the earth pin upwards. Although the plug is polarised, there is no universally observed standard for connecting the live and neutral. CEE 7/5 plugs are not compatible with the CEE 7/4 socket because grounding in the CEE 7/5 socket is effected by a round male pin permanently mounted in the socket.

It is no secret that some sports uniforms can be just downright ugly, but when these hot female athletes get into their outfits, they tend to be anything but that. After all, have you ever met a man who didn't enjoy a little camel toe in his daily dose of sports?

I saw this in the parking lot of the BK yesterday. Thought you might like. Dave

Hey Ernie, Just wanted to let you know that this long-time reader recently relocated from California to San Antonio for a year and ended up in Washington DC to work at the Federal Rail Administration. Yes, you can go change your underwear before finishing the email now.... One thing that I noticed is that living is more expensive here so I choose to rent an apartment for a couple months before the family finds a house to live in. The place is choose is nice but it seems that the upstairs neighbor has 2 kids that are way to fucking loud and like to run around full speed from 8 pm until 11pm or so. Being the nice neighbor that I am, I asked politely if they could keep it down the first night close to midnight with a friendly 'keep it the fuck down, please'. Notice the please. Anyhow, the next day was the Superbowl so I decided to grill up some burgers. Being the nice neighbor, when I ran into the noisy father from upstairs I asked if he wanted to join me for a burger. He stared at me, took two steps back, and said 'I will try and keep the kids more quiet'. I just don't understand what I did to make him uneasy. I mean, come on, who doesn't like the smell of grilling burgers? Maybe it was a language barrier thing since I was as kind as can be to the Hindu neighbor and even put down the 40 lb ammo box (with a loud thump), a shotgun bag, and a handgun case before offering my hand. Oh well, off to go play with more trains and to get paid to do it. Mark

RIU Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain founded by the Riu family as a small holiday firm in 1953[citation needed]. The RIU Hotels & Resorts chain is still owned by the Riu family's third generation[citation needed]. Many of the hotels offer an all-inclusive board basis. RIU Hotels & Resorts has more than 100 hotels in 19 countries with 23,400 employees across the chain. RIU Hotels & Resorts was ranked the world's 27th ranked chain.

Conventional wisdom says get a dog for home defense. This mom had two, including a 200-pound English Mastiff, that the intruders were able to lock in a bathroom. Having neither a mind capable of tactical thought nor hands with which to open a door, the dogs proved useless. "I started calling 911. I called five times. They kept hanging up on me." Then enter her son's .22 rifle.

A storm drain is designed to drain excess rain and ground water from paved streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and roofs. Storm drains vary in design from small residential dry wells to large municipal systems. They are fed by street gutters on most motorways, freeways and other busy roads, as well as towns in areas which experience heavy rainfall, flooding and coastal towns which experience regular storms.

Hey Ernie, would you accept a ride from a stranger while walking in front of a cemetery late at night? These people in Brazil were offered a ride, check their reactions. How about a job as a security guard at the cemetery? Good thing you don't need to understand a single word in Brazilian to take the offer. Bruno

Ernie: This long-time reader, participant, and LBEH donor has been kicked out of college for turning in my English homework. Thanks, Joseph Corlett

Here is the professor in question, who by the way, has earned a chili pepper for being considered hot.

When you say Star Wars, most people think of galaxies far far away. But all these exotic planets from the movies were filmed on earth. Four of the Star Wars movies were partially filmed in southern Tunisia (the planet Tatooine in the movies) and the good thing is that many of the locations are still in relative good state.

Loathed wherever they go, parasitic worms are some of the animal kingdom's true lowlifes. They feed off living hosts, sapping them of energy and nutrients while causing a range of horrible diseases. After worming their way into people's lives, particularly in developing countries, these suckers can lie undetected for months or even years. They just take, take, take, and when they reveal themselves, gracious me, are they hideous creatures to lay your eyes on! Here are five of the worst known to eat us humans from the inside out – but try to be good hosts as we welcome in the parasitic worms. Get it? Good hosts. Get it? Get it?!

Undertow is a subsurface flow of water returning seaward from shore as result of wave action. This type of shore current can play a role in material deposition such as creating sand bars. Undertows are below-surface rushes of water returning to sea after the water comes ashore as breaking waves. If there is an area under the waves where water can flow back out to sea more easily (such as a break in a sand bar) then a narrow rip current can form. If however there is no weak point in the surf line, then the water that has run up onto the beach simply flows back out to sea under the waves, forming a simple undertow. There is a popular misconception that the undertow is responsible for many drownings by somehow pulling people vertically down, so that they are then held under the water surface. While people can drown in any body of water, even a puddle, undertow itself is relatively harmless.

your north korean photoshop tutorial

vega choir's cover of 'creep' set to visuals of charlie brown

question: is it possible to fill a whole room of a house with water? answer: no

ever wonder what it's like to be in a race car, crash and have the car catch on fire? yeah, me too.

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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