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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 9, 2012
February 9, 2012

It's The Darkroom Where Satan Develops His Negatives.

William Gary Busey, best known as Gary Busey, is an American film and stage actor, and artist. On December 4, 1988, Busey was severely injured in a motorcycle accident in which he was not wearing a helmet. His skull was fractured, and doctors feared he suffered permanent brain damage. At the recommendation of Dr. Drew Pinsky, Busey was seen by psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy. Sophy suspected that Busey's brain injury has had a greater effect on him than realized. He described it as essentially weakening his mental "filters" and causing him to speak and act impulsively. Sophy recommended Busey take a medication called Depakote (valproic acid), to which Busey agreed. Despite appearing in over 70 feature films -- some some quite normal -- a shout out to Julio Iglesias by the way -- and some not so normal, Busey recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Tuesday, revealing debts that far outweigh his assets. In court papers, the actor indicates that he has $50,000 or less in assets, while his liabilities are somewhere in the $500,000 to $1 million range. And it was on Jimmy Kimmel Live where Gary exposed his plans to become a meat seeking missile. And in case you need a refresher, this is the Meatloaf blowup he was talking about, although this is how I choose to remember Meatloaf. You know what FEAR stands for? It stands for 'False Evidence Appearing Real.' It's the darkroom where Satan develops his negatives. YEAH!

Anyway, it seems Symphony is a beatable game since several people have done so, the first of which was Jim, followed a few hours later by Matt, and then later in the evening David and Eric. And when I say David and Eric and don't mean David and Eric like David-and-Eric because that would be, you know. And then of course that'll lead to some big boycott that even Bill O'Reilly can't uderstand and that'll lead me to visiting the One Million Moms (actually 40,500 moms) Facebook page and leaving this. I know, pretty un-fucking-believable, right?

Pajamas, also spelled pyjamas (see also spelling differences) and often shortened to PJs, can refer to several related types of clothing. The original paijama are loose, lightweight trousers fitted with drawstring waistbands and worn in South and West Asia by both sexes. In many English-speaking nations, pajamas are loose-fitting, two-piece garments derived from the original garment and worn chiefly for sleeping, but sometimes also for lounging, also by both sexes. More generally, pajamas may refer to several garments, for both daywear and nightwear, derived from traditional pajamas and involving variations of style and material. According to a 2004 United States survey, 13% of men wear pajamas or nightgowns for sleeping, whereas 31% wear underwear and another 31% sleep nude. Among women, 55% wear pajamas or nightgowns -- a statistic I disagree with -- which were counted under the same option.

Most of our favorite celebrities are smokin' hot babes that are almost impossible to look away from, but they weren't always gorgeous starlets with ridiculously amazing bodies. Whether performing in children's competitions or simply attending the local school, every one of these Hollywood lovelies had to start out somewhere — as a kid. Some of them were super cute, while others may shock you with a unibrow or goofy smile delusive of the sexy celeb they would become later in life. Here's a look at 34 stars long before they became delectable babes and one unfortunate bonus... cough... cough... Catherine Zeta Jones...cough.

Black History Month is a national annual observance for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It is celebrated annually in the United States and Canada in February and the United Kingdom in the month of October. The remembrance originated in 1926 by historian Carter G. Woodson as "Negro History Week". Woodson chose the second week of February because it marked the birthdays of two Americans who greatly influenced the lives and social condition of African Americans: former President Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass.

(Sorry Mike - this looked like the real stuff!) Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a chemical compound used as an oxidizing agent to increase an internal combustion engine's power output by allowing more fuel to be burned than would normally be the case. Nitrous is often used as an abbreviation for nitrous oxide, also referred to as NOS. The term NOS is derived from the initials of the company name Nitrous Oxide Systems, one of the pioneering companies in the development of nitrous oxide injection systems for automotive performance use. For street use, nitrous oxide is stored as a liquid in blue bottles, but because of its low boiling point it vaporizes easily when released to atmosphere. When injected into an inlet manifold, this characteristic causes a reduction in air/fuel charge temperature with an associated increase in density, thereby increasing the cylinder's volumetric efficiency.

Hi Ernie, Alas, what you might have had pictured of the Woman with Two Vaginas (Two separate side-by-side vags) is not correct. Cheers, Charley

Since Steven Spielberg had to be a fucking douchebag and drop the Nazis as the defacto villains in the Indiana Jones movies, the producers of Iron Sky decided to pick up where he left off. Bonus: A-10 Warthog's and President Sarah Palin!

So if you're an ATF agent and you allow straw purchases of AK/AR style assault rifles to the Mexican cartels, what do you get? You get a promotion! if you're an everyday regular citizen and you allow straw purchases of AK/AR style assault rifles to the Mexican cartels, what do you get? You get 47 and 82 months in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison!

Peroni Brewery is a brewing company founded in Vigevano in Lombardia, Italy in 1846. It is now based in Rome and is owned by SABMiller. The company's main brand in Italy is Peroni (4.7% ABV) a pale lager sometimes known as Peroni Red in export markets, but it is probably best known worldwide for its premium lager Nastro Azzurro (5.1% ABV), which was the thirteenth best-selling beer in the United Kingdom in 2010. Peroni is the Peroni company's original brand, and the best selling pale lager in Italy. It is 4.7% abv, and is made with barley malt, corn grits, hop pellets and hop extract. Served in 12 ounce green bottles, Peroni had become the brand of beer most recognized throughout the Italian peninsula.

Glass recycling is the process of turning waste glass into usable products. Glass waste should be separated by chemical composition, and then, depending on the end use and local processing capabilities, might also have to be separated into different colors. Many recyclers collect different colors of glass separately since glass retains its color after recycling. The most common types used for consumer containers are colorless glass, green glass, and brown/amber glass. Every metric ton (1,000 kg) of waste glass recycled into new items saves 315 kilograms(693 pounds) of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere during the creation of new glass. Glass that is crushed and ready to be remelted is called cullet.

a gallery of 15 sexy chicks in sports bras

cooling towers sueprised by their own demise. you're welcome.

looks like weeds' ticky tacky little boxes - the beautiful geometry of suburbia from above

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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