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Ernie's House of Whoop Ass!
May 19, 2018

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here.

Merapi volcanic eruption as filmed by these campers on the base of the volvano
The Cake Server - Joseph's Most Complex Machine Ever
you know you live in a rough neighborhood when...
Taiji, Japan Is A Little Town With A Big Dirty Secret
Squirrel “Came In Like a Wrecking Ball!”
now that's some side eye
The couple who care for stricken dogs in an Indian beach town
dude uses a drone to cut a hornet's nest in half
porterhouse, anyone?
Exhilarating DC-10 Firefighter Plane Pulls Off Incredible Maneuver In Silverado Canyon
Old man puts loud obnoxious girl in her place
Magnet Collision in Slow Motion like Iron Man Nanobot suit up
great aerial view of niagra falls
demoliion of silo on the Aalborg Waterfront
Golfer tries to take a swing near a tree... and it doesn't go well
HOLY SHIT! A Centaur!
this repo doesn't quite go according to plan
Top 100 Best Shredding Moments
Royal Flush - Evan Moore
Passed by Free Solo Climber - Dark Shadows, Red Rock Neveda

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Maria Liman Playboy Ukraine
girls with chokers
The Beach Spy 170
A Hint of Georgia Fowler's Nipple at the Premiere of Solo

May 12, 2018

The Iranian Nuclear Deal As Explained By Breaking Bad.

You and your spouse are the parents of Jesse Pinkman, reputed meth dealer. Over the past several years, Jesse has been in and out of rehab after repeatedly setting your house on fire while cooking meth, nearly blowing up your neighbor's house more than once.

Jesse is due to receive a sizable inheritance, but before you give it to him, you want to make sure he's not cooking any more of that chili pepper meth he's famous for. So you make him a deal: you'll give him access to his inheritance if you can inspect the two places he's cooked meth in the past: the basement of his house and the old beat-to-hell RV that he drives around town. Eyeing the inheritance check and licking his lips, Jesse agrees. You give him the check and he drives off in his RV, cackling as he goes.

A few days later you tell Jesse it's time for a surprise inspection. A red eyed, hazy Jesse agrees, and gestures towards the cellar door. "I have nothing to hide," he says. And sure enough you walk down the cellar stairs and the entire basement is completely empty.

"See," he says," I promised to stop cooking meth and so I did."

"Okay, now we'd like to check out your RV."


"Your RV. We'd like to walk through your RV to make sure you're not cooking meth in there."

Jesse's eyes narrow, "Three weeks."

Now it's you asking, "What?"

"Three weeks," comes the reply, "you can inspect my RV in three weeks."

"That's ridiculous. Three weeks is more than enough time to hide any evidence of--"

"--sorry, i've got a lot of personal stuff in my RV that I need to keep private. Love letters from my girlfriend Jane, research for my chemistry thesis, underwear laying about, that sort of stuff."

"But we need to inspect your RV now to make sure you're staying clean."

"Sorry, no can do. Three weeks."

"Well okay then, see you in three weeks."

Three weeks later Jesse Pinkman rolls up in his dilapidated old RV and you enter. Sure enough, every cabinet, every counter top, every storage bin has been scoured completely spotless.

"See," he sneers, "I told you I stopped cooking meth."

"Well I guess you have."

A giggling Pinkman speeds off in the direction of the nearest home improvement store, mumbling incoherently about hydrofluoric acid and polyethylene.

You turn to your spouse, "boy, this agreement is really working out well."

"Yep, it sure is."

War of the Fishing Boats
robodoggo is happy again!
Once a homeless veteran, this nurse turned his life around to help other veterans
Porsche 911 Launch Fail
worlds largest non nuclear ice breaking bulk carrier
when beer is life
1973 Dodge Sportsman Maxiwagon
Hawaii Resident Captures Lava Fountain Erupting Over His Backyard
oh this gon hurt
Pilot Steps onto Moving Ship
King of the Hill x Sunny Cats
Bird Makes Miraculous Escape From Hungry Leopard
she brought the guns
“Heaven Shakers”: The Japanese Kamikaze Torpedoes Of WWII
Fisherman Catches Two Sharks
The Andromeda Galaxy as it approaches the Milky Way from earth
example of what my mom gets mad at me about
First Breath After Lung Transplant
Indonesian Man Finds Neglected Husky, Gives It A Second Chance at Life
ZR1 Corvette Dyno Fail

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Connie Rocking Out Naked
Jade Nile is a Topless Fire Spinner
Teen Temptress Seduces You with Those Perky Tits
sarah rae in purple
carne amateur readmy mind

May 5, 2018

So Ernie, Where The Fuck Did You Go And Why No Update Last Week?

In short, I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be.

Allow me to explain. For the most part, everyone sees being self employed as very romantic. You are your own boss, you make your own hours, you can write off a shit ton of your living expenses on your taxes, you can drink while you work, and best of all it was a short ten second commute from my bedroom to my office. All absolutely true. But as anyone who shuns the employer/employee life will tell you, there are also some down sides. Not the least of which is this filthy little secret: you never really get to go on vacation. Sure you can take time off, do some travelling, see some friends. But you've always got that weight in the back of your mind. How is my business doing? Did anything fuck up? Am I making enough money to survive while I'm gone? And when you add the cost of the vacation itself to the income lost during your absence, shit gets expensive quickly. And so you pack a laptop or a tablet with you and then when it's 6am and you're sitting one some shitty hotel room chair with the a laptop glowing in your face, it hits you. You're not really on vacation. At least not to the extend that other 'regularly employed' people are.

And so this past week I did something I haven't done in over twelve fucking years. I packed up The Boss Lady and we left our troubles at home and we went on vacation. A real honest-to-fucking-goodness vacation. To Las Vegas, in case you were curious, where I finally got the chance to eat at In-N-Out Burger. And with all due respect to you west coast motherfuckers, that shit doesn't hold a goddamn candle to Five Guys. We also ate at the Heart Attack Grill and rode the High Roller -- with open bar -- to the top of the city. I played a little video blackjack at Frankie's Tiki Bar where I did much better than I did at casinos on the strip. I got the opportunity to test out my ankle -- which I am glad to report is doing pretty well -- with some hiking around Red Rock Canyon with Bacon and Mamasan and then later had a big fucking steak dinner at Las Vegas's iteration of NYC's famous Gallagher's Steak House for my birthday, and it was fucking GLORIOUS. Oh, side note. Does anyone know what kind of cactus this is? About a two feet tall, a foot in diameter, and the spines were stiff as fuck. Oh, then before heading back we picked up some Las Vegas casino souveniers for some friends and other souveniers for other friends.

And I did it all without my fucking laptop, and yes, it was everything that I thought it could be.

roast me part ten
Furious girlfriend cut off her lover's penis with garden shears after he showed pals their homemade sex tape
happy mother's day to this beautiful lady
the very first FedEx van is ultra retro cool
Yesterday at Haulover Marina
Birthday boy wanted a 20 pack of nugs for his birthday dinner.
Gong Show: The Popsicle Twins
the three new branches of government
Visiting Chernobyl 32 Years After the Disaster
The sheriff had to stop the train so we can save a badly injured PitBull

instead of mandating health insurance to pay exorbitant healthcare costs, why not try to lower exorbitant healthcare costs?

just a relaxing day on the couch
Mean Tweets – Avengers Edition
Disabled dog born with two legs has his life changed for good after being fitted for a pair of new wheels
I'm so fucking sure I'd let someone put Fireball in my foreskin for a shot
Mmm scrumptious
Baby bears this little girl just wanted to cuddle
Gun Control Advocates Want to Ban Guns from Star Wars
1978 GMC Van G35 VanDura 4x4 Conversion
Lucknow Man Saw Puppy Trapped In Drain, Says He Used Drone To Save It
Somali Pirates VS Ship's Private Security Guards

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April 21, 2018

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here.

John Chapman Died Alone On A Mountaintop Fighting Al Qaeda. Now He's Getting The Medal Of Honor
a collection of huge doggos
great stern view of the RMS queen mary museum ship
some piece of shit gets busted dumping dogs
Dead Catfish comes back alive
seriously, tell me this pizza doesn't make your heart flutter.
USS Iowa main battery firing almbum - before the dreaded explosion
holy white trash, batman
Low 3-D Flyover of Jupiter's North Pole in Infrared

GAO Investigators Tried 72 Times to Illegally Obtain Guns Online...And Got Denied Every Time

someone forgets the combustable nature of airborn particles
believe it or not, this was in edmonton, alberta
very hot motocross reporter is into bukkake
holy more white trash, batman
this is not how you pull out a stuck vehicle
spend less time singing more time driving
i suspect this is really going to hurt in the morning.
The Signature Moves of Edgar Wright
meanwhile, in tennessee
Injured Shar-Pei lives on the railroad tracks; rescuing her turned to be dangerous

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haley in the dance studio
cybergirl ora young in sweet indulgence
Melanie Brown Sunbathing Topless
i hope you had a better month than this girl
Emma Glover takes some selfies

April 14, 2018

Insert Your Favorite Tax Weekend Joke Here.

roast me part nine
well we didn't say how lucky
Amazing Photos Of Russia Dismantling An Outdated Nuclear Submarine
if the moon were as close as the international space station
this bone is awesome
first time seeing a watermelon
Tiamat Dragon Lady
meanwhile in florida
when snowboarders hit the park
stupid fucking snowmobilers harass bear with predictable results
Guillotine vs a spray paint can
meanwhile in germany
Buyer backs out after $2.2M home's porn past exposed
Demolition of silo goes wrong in Denmark
awesome shifter sword
somebody come get they kids
yeah it'll be tough to one-up this selfie
So 2 Goats Were Stuck On A Beam Under A Bridge
timelapse of a bean growing
Exercise Ball Chest Bump Gone Wrong

your tax weekend super boob dump: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - twelve - thirteen - fourteen - fifteen - sixteen - seventeen - eighteen - nineteen - twenty - twenty-one - twenty-two - twenty-three - twenty-four

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